Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take Time

I got a new watch today! I know, you're thinking so what Tasha, who cares?!?!?! Well, I do...I think it's kind of cute & way outside of the box for me when it comes to watches. I haven't even worn one lately but have found myself constantly needing to know the time for work or to stay on schedule. That prompted me to think of how schedule-driven I can become....especially now that school has started!! I want to make sure I take time to share special moments -- or just little moments in general -- with the girls, with family members, & with friends. AND I need to take time to let my family & friends know when I'm thinking about them....random texts, messages, phone calls, Facebook notes, etc. So if you become a victim of one of these, just know I've taken time out of my day to think about you or say a little pray for you.
Oh, & my new watch lights up purple when you push the button....LOVE it!!!!

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