Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jamie Starts Preschool

We are blessed enough to have Jamie returning to the Warren Community Church Mother's Day Out/Preschool Program for the 2013-2014 school year. It is a 2-day-a-week program (of course Jamie wishes she could go all 5 days like Kayla).
Let's flashback to her 1st day of the 20012-2012 school year:
Here is her 1st Day this year:
As requested, her Daddy got up & made her breakfast. She only wanted a biscuit (& she only ate half of a half....she was just too excited).

1st Day stats

All dolled up (she asked to take her pictures on her stool)

Backpack on

It looks full, but is not heavy at all

Excited to be going to school

My Monday & Wednesday morning car crew

Jamie was very excited to be reunited with her friend Sophie. These 2 used to get to play together at Mimi's house.

Jamie was also exited to be reunited with Oliver, one of her classmates from last year

Ms. Lindy & Jamie

Coley (friend from last year) & Jamie

Excited to get to playing
In fact, Jamie was so excited to play with her friends in her new classroom, I didn't get a chance to get a picture of her & me. So I was very grateful that Gree brought her by work after pick up.

Sleepy Jamie after school & Momma

Daddy & Jamie
She can't wait to go back!!!!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Tumbling Down

For a few years now Kayla has talked about wanting to take gymnastics; so we thought we would give it a try this year.

Of course Jamie didn't want to be left out & it became a debate of wanting to do dance vs gymnastics (both girls switch what they want every couple of days).

I did a little research & found that both girls could be in the same tumbling class at a dance studio not too far away. They could learn to tumble (sort of gymnastics) AND see girls who dance so if they want to try dance another year, they're already comfortable with their surroundings.

Jamie's thoughts: It's good & the egg roll was so fun! I like my teachers!

Kayla's thoughts: I fell on my head trying to do a handstand. It was fun & I'll go back; but it's not as fun as school.

So this year is tumbling.....next year, we'll see. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kayla Starts Kindergarten

The long await had FINALLY arrived.
Kayla got to start Kindergarten & she was BEYOND excited!!!!!
Now, we have come a long way since she did her 1st year of a 2-day-a-week preschool program back in 2010:
I think she cried every day that year. But thanks to her teacher & lots of prayers, we got her through it.
I'm not sure where her 1st day picture is for the 2011-2012 school year is (I think I know, but my blog time is limited today & I want to get this posted).
2012-2013 School Year 1st day:
2012-2013 1st Day Stats
It's so funny cause that 1st year (2010), she begged every day for us to not make her go. But fast forward to now & she's begging for us to get started & be able to stay all day (1st 2 days of Kindergarten are half days for phase in).
Here is how her 1st day of the 2013-2014 school year went:
Daddy got up early & made her a special breakfast for her 1st day. He fixed her exactly what she asked for: a fried egg & a pancake. (Yes, our Christmas jammies still fit so we wear them.)

2013-2014 1st Day Stats (notice she still wants to be a Swim Lesson Teacher).

All dolled up & posing

Backpack time


It looks big, but the backpack is not heavy at all.

All excited on her car ride

Kayla & Ms. Rita (Principal)

Ms. Beth (Teacher's Assistant), Kayla, & Ms. Dee (Teacher)

Kayla & Momma on her 1st Day of Kindergarten

Such a big girl....nothing but smiles!

Her friends that sit around her....she went to preschool with the boy on the left (Wyatt) & the girl on the right (AddiBelle)

Concentrating on writing her name

Getting right to work

Still excited when I picked her up

Trying to remember everything she did to tell me all about it

Telling me all about it (she told about her day to several different people & I got to hear something new she remembered each time)

Since it was a half day, she got to stop by Daddy's office....this was her telling Ms. Cathy that it was "GREAT" as she walked in the door

Excitement seeing Daddy

Loving on Daddy

Telling Daddy all about it

Daddy & Kayla on her 1st Day of Kindergarten

And you can't come to Daddy's office without trying on some glasses!

So cute

Lunch at The Hut

Asking if she could please take Jamie a pack of crackers since she wasn't with us....she is so sweet to think of her little sister on a day that was focused on her.

Giving Jamie her surprise (the crackers)

They missed each other so much!!!!

Sweet Sisters

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Weekend Before Kayla Starts School

Oh WoW! I'm excited to get a chance to blog again!!!
I miss it when I'm gone!!!!
Kayla starts Kindergarten this week (HOPE to make that it's own blog post...fingers crossed). This will be her first year of a 5-day-a-week program; and let me tell ya, that little girl is BEYOND EXCITED!!!! Jamie will be returning to Warren Community Church's Mother's Day Out (2-day-a-week) Preschool Program. She starts next Monday.
We decided to make this weekend a relaxing, but productive one.
We did a lot of laying around & watching TV.
The dogs seem to love the new furniture! The girls ALSO love the new furniture (but this bad blogger didn't take a pic of them on it). Oh snap, that's right, I haven't told you guys: We got new furniture!!!! Not cause we really wanted to or anything....we were hoping to get the girls a little older. But our old furniture was starting to peel, on it's own, & it looked like people were leaving our house with a clob of dirt or new birthmark on their legs. It was looking rough!!!! We found a great deal & did some replacing....maybe one day I'll blog some pics.

Saturday morning I baked muffins & the girls were full of giggles. That noise makes my heart smile!!!!

Lunch on Saturday we ventured out to Jackson for something new: Coyote Blues Cajun Mexican. It was very tasty & my fish tacos were pretty healthy!

I got to start enjoying one of my treats from our Gatlinburg Trip (yes, I know I haven't blogged any of this...maybe one day). It smells & taste just like a Vanilla MoonPie (without all of the calories).

I was very thankful that we were finally home & able to enjoy a Sunday of going to Church. The girls beg to go & that makes me feel so blessed!!!!

We got the girls some new shoes for school (they were excited to be able to pick out their own). 

After getting new shoes, we went to Bonefish for dinner. The girls are really starting to love Cesar salad!
We then hit Walmart to finish up the school supply list. OF COURSE everyone had to try out their new pillows for rest time!

The girls were so well behaved in the stores & during dinner, so we made a dessert stop at Yo!Gurt Nation (one of those froze yogurt places were you get to put in whatever toppings you want).
How was your weekend????

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Have a Sunshiny Day,
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