Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Better Example

So, I've decided I've got to start setting a better example for the girls. This has led to me rearranging my mornings. This new morning won't start until Monday due to our trip; but I'm getting VERY excited about it!

My morning routine used to start around 4:45. It consisted of workout, shower, Quiet Time with God, get ready & eat breakfast on the way to work. This meant that I didn't spend intentional time with the girls. I would see them if they happened to get up before I left. They're breakfast was eaten in front of the TV. But I want to start setting a better example for the girls AND spend intentional time with them.

My new routine is going to go something like this. Get up at 4:50, have my Quiet Time with God (why not make this the FIRST thing I do?!?!), shower, & wake the girls up at 6:45. I then want to read from their Bible to them & work on a memory verse while we eat. Why not start setting the example of starting their day off with Him?!?!?! Then I'll get ready & head to work. I can also get my workout in later, like in the evening. The girls will also see my example of that. Plus it's more fun to do workouts with them!

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  1. Awesome Tasha! Convicted me about how I always start my morning with a workout then shower and THEN quiet time I should definitely flip that.


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