Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday Blessings on Throwback Thursday

Good Throwback Thursday Morning!
My Throwback Thursday for this week is Halloween 2012: Kayla wanted to be Gene Simmons of KISS & Jamie wanted to be a Butterfly.
Did you see in my Tuesday Blessings post that Jamie had to have a tooth pulled? Well, a tooth coming out means the Tooth Fairy comes to see you at our house. Once Jamie found her note from the Tooth Fairy & the $2, she was very excited. It took her a minute to find it as Jamie did not sleep very heavy the night before & the Tooth Fairy almost got caught making the swap. PS....Tooth Fairy Pillow (a little pillow for the Tooth Fairy to make swaps) has been ordered so we have no waking up issues in the future.

After she showed Daddy & Big Sister her loot & had me read the note to them, she was ready to put her money in her piggy bank.

It makes my heart smile that she wanted to do that.....I'm glad we have instilled in them the importance of saving money. But that also reminds me we need to work on having them tithe.
The Tooth Fairy experience also reminded me of how blessed we are to have a sensitive child.....trying to keep the positive spin on this in my face as Kayla got very upset that Jamie got to have the Tooth Fairy come visit her first. The Hubs did an awesome job of talking her through it & pointing out all of the things she has gotten to do before Jamie. I reminded Kayla that the only fun part of this whole experience for Jamie was the Tooth Fairy coming given that she had fallen twice to knock the tooth loose & had to have the tooth pulled by the dentist way before it was supposed to come out. This sensitive side of Kayla is not always fun; but when I step back & look at it, I think it's going to lead her to being a compassionate person as she grows older. Praying that's what it leads to anyway.
I got this alert on Wednesday:

This is a blessing for all of the allergy & sinus sufferers (like the girls & sometimes me).
After school & work, the girls & I headed to dinner at McDonald's with Julia (Kayla's Viking Buddy who also happens to babysit for us). It was a nice moment of getting to enjoy the girls actually interacting with she is usually around the girls when I'm not around, it was really nice to witness. I am so thankful the girls have such an amazing godly example in their lives! Then we got to head to our Wednesday night activities. The girls enjoyed their time in Mission Friends & Preschool Church Choir. Since I have finally been medically released to get to workout, I thoroughly enjoyed a short & brisk walk with my friend. I've missed our Wednesday night walks! We got home in time for Jamie to have a little TV quiet time & Kayla worked on her letter for her Viking Buddy.

What were the blessings from your Wednesday? Tell me where I can check out your Throwback Thursday pictures if you're posting them.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday Blessings

Good Wednesday Morning Afternoon!

Tuesday was a full day; but there were plenty of blessings to enjoy.
FLASHBACK: At the end of August, Jamie fell not once, but twice on the same day.

She fell once at school & the second time later that night at church. Her poor lip was swollen & her 2 front teeth wiggled. We took her to the dentist & were warned that the teeth would probably discolor & to just keep an eye on her. If in a week or so she never complained, not to worry about it. One of the teeth gets a little darker each week & Jamie hasn't used one it to bite down on anything since she fell. When you push it a little & sometimes when I brush it, she complains of pain. Since the hubs had a dentist appointment last week, he talked to them about it & an appointment was scheduled for Tuesday.
BACK TO TUESDAY/YESTERDAY: I got her up early & after we dropped Kayla off at school, to the dentist we went.
She looked so tiny in that bib & the chair. But she was a happy girl.

This was Jamie on Happy Gas.....oh how I SOOOOO wish we would have videoed this cause it was very, very, VERY entertaining!

The only time the child fussed was when they put the 1st shot in her mouth, which she never saw the needle (they had her closer her eyes & that big mask on her nose covered up if she were trying to peek through cracks in her eyelids. They told her it would feel like a mosquito bite & they were just putting a marker in her mouth. And this fussing did not last long at all. She was such a brave little girl!!!!

She was excited to get a purple treasure box for her tooth. And yes, she put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.....more on that when I do my Wednesday Blessings post tomorrow. So my little 3-year-old curly-haired monkey princess can now add snaggle-tooth to her list of nicknames...for the next few years. Although the only one of those nicknames she likes is Princess & if you call her any other the others, she quickly tells you I'm just a Princess.
After we got home from work & school, it was just a chill & relax night that included Casper.
What were the blessings from your Tuesday????

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Blessings

Good Tuesday Morning!

Monday was.....a typical Monday at work. But there are so many blessings in it!!!!!

One of my best friends (Jessica) won tickets to the Jason Aldean concert for Thursday night. You're probably thinking, okay Tasha what does that have to do with you??? Well, I got this text yesterday morning:

I am truly honored that she asked!!!!! And.....I AM GOING!!!! So yea, my mind was a little preoccupied on top of us being busy & all my lab work cutting lenses.
Lunch was yummy Mexican food. It was in a different county though....LOL! If you know where I live, you know that there is no shortage of Pizza or Mexican food around us.

After work, Gree brought the girls to me & the hubs. Recap: Do you remember when I told you Kayla had gone to Bring a Friend to Dance Night with her friend HG??? Well, since she feel in love with it & this studio is SO much closer than the tumbling one, the girls attended their last tumbling class on Thursday & became dance students on Monday!!!! Jamie was EXCITED!!!!


AND, she has friends from school in dance class with her!!!!

(Yes, Jamie is the shortest one & yes, you recognize a few of the girls from the Party Animals Weekend post I did yesterday)

After Jamie's class, we all grabbed some grub at Lenny's & hung out till it was time for Kayla's class. 

We love Lenny's!

Of course she was VERY EXCITED for her dance class too!!!

(Yes, that's HG in the background)

What were the blessings from your Monday?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Party Animals Weekend

Good Monday Morning!!!!

Party Animals?
I am a Mom of a 6 & 3 year old......
We are not normally party animals. But this weekend, we had the honor of being invited to celebrate not 1, not 2, but THREE of our friends with birthday parties this weekend. We had a friend in each of our age groups.

We were also invited to a family reunion.....of a family we aren't members of. Those people think a lot of us. But given all that we had going on, we were unable to attend that one. It was still truly an honor to be invited.
Ummmmm.....warning: picture overload coming!
Celebrating Lily
The 1st party was on Friday night & it was for our friend Lily. She's in Jamie's age group. Her party was at Pump It Up (a place full of inflatables). Sorry for the blurry pictures....but these kids were having too much fun to stop for pictures!

Jamie with the birthday girl!

My girls with the birthday girl....again, too busy having fun to stop for pictures!

Jamie would get upset if she couldn't see Kayla or if Kayla ran off without her. She loves her big sister! It was cracking me up, but getting on my last nerve at the same time (due to the whininess); but this stage too shall pass.

Such a great group of kids that had A BLAST!!!!
Cake & Ice Cream time:

Jamie with her Best Friend: Lilly Kate

Time to open presents:

The Big Chair of Honor

Celebrating Nola
Saturday, we were invited to celebrate our friend Nola. She's in Kayla's age group. Her party was at her house. The kids got to run around & play outside, enjoy a nacho bar & popcorn bar, decorate/color aprons, paint canvases, & of course, enjoy ice cream & cake!

Enjoying nachos & style

Sometimes, you've just got to raise your bowl up to your mouth to get all the goods.
Running around, playing outside:

Time to decorate/color aprons:

Kayla & Jamie with some of their friends at the party, including the birthday girl (standing beside Kayla).
Time to paint:

Painting by Kayla

Painting by Jamie
Cake & Ice Cream Time:

Happy Birthday Nola!

Nola's Mom (Desiree) got REALLY creative with the cake! There were poka-dots in it!

Time to open presents:

Someone was a little worn out
Celebrating Jessica
Saturday night, we got to celebrate our friend Jessica. We got to welcome her into the 30-something club! There was dinner at Chili's & a bonfire.

Headed to dinner with the hubs
Everyone at dinner:

Happy Birthday Jess!
Bonfire Time:

The Rest of the Weekend
We were lazy! We did a little dress up, but mostly just lounged around watching TV staying in our jammies.

Gree & Poppie did come over for spaghetti & cornbread....which was yummy!!!!
Tell me, how was your weekend???
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