Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cuddle Company

So...I've got whatever the girls have had 😷 & I've for fever & feel VERY CRUMMY.
The dogs have been cuddling with me to help me feel better; Jamie has been laying with me off & on; & Kayla is all into ABCFamily Movies with me. He's a little bit of my scenery for you...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As many of you know, (1) the girls have been ill & (2) I'm recording every calorie I take in & burn in order to get healthy & be happy with my body.

I have spent the last 2 mornings at Pediatric Medicine in Hickory Withe getting the girls checked out. Jamie has had a cold for 2 weeks, but it had gotten better with OTC meds. However, over the weekend, she got worse, much worse, with her congestion & coughing. So she was Monday. She has ear infections in both ears. At almost 2 1/2-years-old, Jamie measured/weighed in at 25 lbs, 33.5 in tall. Kayla was scheduled for her 5-year checkup (yes, I know, a couple of months late; but better late than never) & started complaining about her ears this morning.
Kayla's stats 34.5 lbs, 40.5 in, & blood pressure 115/73 (running around right before taken). Of course I've attached a picture of each of their visits.

Now, we (as mothers/& some fathers) talk about our children's weight often...especially at these stages to see if they are growing at regular rates. However, we don't often talk about our own weight unless mentioning someone seems to be gaining or losing. I have been working on SLOWLY losing weight & have lost 23.8 lbs over the last year (you can follow me on MyFitnessPals if you want the details); but I haven't really noticed much of a change myself. I mean, I've HEARD people say I look like I've lost weight, but haven't really noticed much.....until my embarrassing moment on Sunday. Well, it started as embarrassing, & then turned sad, but kind of exciting & scary.

See on Sunday, I wore the dress you see pictured. I do NOT wear dresses often but am starting to gain more of an appreciation & enjoyment in wearing them. This dress (the one in the picture) happens to be my favorite dress. But as I wore it on Sunday, it was leading to some embarrassing moments & quickly earning its place as my least favorite dress. You see, every time I would do a self-check while at Church, I would have to readjust the dress. I felt like I was flashing everyone. I hope there were no true flashes & if there were, I am SO SORRY!!!! I took it off & threw it in the hamper thinking see, that's why I have such a strong dislike for wearing dresses. In doing laundry this morning, I pulled the dress out of the dryer & it dawned on me; my once FAV dress is now too big for me. That's WAY exciting!!!! I'm truly starting to see results to my hard work (I was REALLY faithful in logging my info when on LoseIt & now faithful in logging on MyFitnessPal)!!! But it's also a little scary cause I DISLIKE shopping....I don't have the greatest fashion sense (extremely thankful for wearing scrubs to work & every day each week has the same set) AND the disappointment of not being the size I think I am have REALLY crushed me in the past.

I weigh-in & log it every Friday (as long as I'm in town). And over the last year, I've watched the number fall, rise, & fall again; but I'm actually starting to see & feel the results. I hope you didn't mind me being so transparent, but what else are blogs for?!?!?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remembering September 11 & Explaining It???

Wow, I was SO BUSY yesterday that I did not get a chance to talk much about September 11; but that does NOT mean that I forgot! I do hate that I missed some excellent teaching opportunities for the girls...but I cannot dwell on what I don't get done as a mother, just learn from it & move forward.

I was starting my junior year in college September 11, 2001. My college experience started at a private school & classes had not started yet & MOST students weren't even on campus yet. I was there cause I was on the dorm counsel for our dorm & the freshmen had already arrived; but they were all off on their Freshmen Orientation trips. So it was one of my last days of summer...I was sleeping in.

Momma (cause yes, I'm southern & that's what I call her) called & woke me up saying "turn on the TV, we're being attacked." Now I only have the GREATEST memory in the world because I write EVERYTHING down (this is ESPECIALLY true since I became a mother). I have NEVER written those words my Momma said down; but I remember them just as if he called me 2 seconds ago & said them. I remember every detail about that phrase down to her tone of voice. You see cause not only is she my Momma, but she's also my best girl friend. We watched together, via the phone, & talked about what would happen of the attacks spread close to us (my parents lived close to & my Daddy --yes, I still call him Daddy --worked at a military base; so I was scared).

The college had a meeting to inform us all of what was going on & get volunteers to man the phones...remember, the freshmen were on their trips & they weren't allowed to take cell phones; so we had parents who NEEDED answers.

I HATE (I don't use this word often, so know I'm serious when I do) what happened! I am SO THANKFUL God brought our Nation together after such a tragedy....but how in the world, what do I say, to explain all of it to my precious girls?!?!?! I want them to understand what happened & why Mommy wants them to be patriotic & wear patriotic clothes on more than just the Fourth of July. Any & ALL suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated! Kayla is 5 & Jamie is 2.

Given that yesterday was Patriotic Day & today was Wear Red to School's they are from this morning

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Do you see that??????? Redbox is in Somerville!!!! Okay, it may have been there for a whole, but I just saw it this morning & I'm REALLY excited! I have wasted more money with them because I have had to drive out of my daily routine to return a movie. But now, I pass one at least twice a day!!!! I told you a few days ago that sometimes the little things in life make me SO HAPPY!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Build Your Own Pizza Night

So tonight was Build Your Own Pizza Night at our house!
Get all the stuff you need/want to build your pizza. I use those items pictured above. I still haven't found a sauce that I'm 100% excited about; but this one was better than what we've tried in the past.
 Time to assemble the pizza: Put what you're using as your crust down.
 Then we spread our sauce....this is a GREAT meal to build with your kids =D
 We like to put our cheese on next.
 And we like LOTS of cheese! Then add the rest of your toppings how ever you would like.
 Place your pizzas on a pan that's safe to cook on. As you can see, we also top our pizzas with cheese (I said we liked cheese =D)
 Then place them in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 375.
Pull them out, slice, let cool (or vice versa), & serve.
The girls LOVE when we have this night. We usually do it when Daddy is out-of-town. If anyone has a FAV store-bought pizza sauce OR super easy recipe for one, please share it with me!

Sometimes, It's the Little Things

So sometimes, it's the small things in life that make me REALLY, my Bible has a purple cover, some of my TV shows have full episodes online, etc. Well today (& last Saturday & every other Saturday during college football season), I get happy for the ESPN app on my iPhone. I like football, epecially high school & college football. Those guys are TRULY playing with heart & not for a paycheck; but became EXTREMELY drawn to it when I was pregnant with Jamie. Because of the ESPN app, I can get updates as the game is being played when it is not offered on TV or only as Pay-Per-View
So yes, right now I am VERY plugged in...I have ball games on TV, my cell phone in my lap for score updates, & watching show episodes on the laptop.....