Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As many of you know, (1) the girls have been ill & (2) I'm recording every calorie I take in & burn in order to get healthy & be happy with my body.

I have spent the last 2 mornings at Pediatric Medicine in Hickory Withe getting the girls checked out. Jamie has had a cold for 2 weeks, but it had gotten better with OTC meds. However, over the weekend, she got worse, much worse, with her congestion & coughing. So she was Monday. She has ear infections in both ears. At almost 2 1/2-years-old, Jamie measured/weighed in at 25 lbs, 33.5 in tall. Kayla was scheduled for her 5-year checkup (yes, I know, a couple of months late; but better late than never) & started complaining about her ears this morning.
Kayla's stats 34.5 lbs, 40.5 in, & blood pressure 115/73 (running around right before taken). Of course I've attached a picture of each of their visits.

Now, we (as mothers/& some fathers) talk about our children's weight often...especially at these stages to see if they are growing at regular rates. However, we don't often talk about our own weight unless mentioning someone seems to be gaining or losing. I have been working on SLOWLY losing weight & have lost 23.8 lbs over the last year (you can follow me on MyFitnessPals if you want the details); but I haven't really noticed much of a change myself. I mean, I've HEARD people say I look like I've lost weight, but haven't really noticed much.....until my embarrassing moment on Sunday. Well, it started as embarrassing, & then turned sad, but kind of exciting & scary.

See on Sunday, I wore the dress you see pictured. I do NOT wear dresses often but am starting to gain more of an appreciation & enjoyment in wearing them. This dress (the one in the picture) happens to be my favorite dress. But as I wore it on Sunday, it was leading to some embarrassing moments & quickly earning its place as my least favorite dress. You see, every time I would do a self-check while at Church, I would have to readjust the dress. I felt like I was flashing everyone. I hope there were no true flashes & if there were, I am SO SORRY!!!! I took it off & threw it in the hamper thinking see, that's why I have such a strong dislike for wearing dresses. In doing laundry this morning, I pulled the dress out of the dryer & it dawned on me; my once FAV dress is now too big for me. That's WAY exciting!!!! I'm truly starting to see results to my hard work (I was REALLY faithful in logging my info when on LoseIt & now faithful in logging on MyFitnessPal)!!! But it's also a little scary cause I DISLIKE shopping....I don't have the greatest fashion sense (extremely thankful for wearing scrubs to work & every day each week has the same set) AND the disappointment of not being the size I think I am have REALLY crushed me in the past.

I weigh-in & log it every Friday (as long as I'm in town). And over the last year, I've watched the number fall, rise, & fall again; but I'm actually starting to see & feel the results. I hope you didn't mind me being so transparent, but what else are blogs for?!?!?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear the girls have been sick, we've been fighting and getting over colds/sinus crud for around 2 weeks, I hope they feel better SOON! Congrats on your progress on your healthy & happy body work!! Losing weight is a struggle most women face with fad diets, diet pills, not eating at all, and other unhealthy choices. I am so proud of you for your committment to logging your info and for staying with it. You are setting an amazing example for your girls.
    I happen to be an excellent shopper ( blessing & a curse LOL) I would love to go shopping with you when you're ready!! As you know I am not a "fad" or "over stylish" "very modern" funky, werid, out there in my fashion. I'm a working mom, just want to look put together, "nice" comfortable, cute, and functional. Keep up the good work Tasha!

  2. Way to go Tasha! I'm with you on the shopping though. I like new clothes but hate going to pick them out and I have a horrible fashion sense (as I'm sure you've noticed) :-D Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Emily, your fashion sense has not appeared horrible to me!!!!

  4. Hi Tasha,

    Congratulations on your weight loss and sorry to hear the kids are not feeling there best. It is that time of year and thank goodness all of our kids have had there flu immunization.

    Stacy has been on a diet for the past few months because of an upcoming surgery and I am really proud of her, she has lost allot of weight; I think around 35-40 lb. She is doing like you with recording everything she takes in as well as reading every label the manufacturers have on there product. She calls it a 1200 calorie diet. Maybe y'all could swap ideas as well as support each other :) She is really excited and I know how you must feel, I wasn't crazy about being on a diet my self,at first but I am maintaining my weight and feeling much healthier.

    I wish you the best on your endeavor and I know it is a journey, but I know you will make it as well as Stacy. Hope the kiddo's get to feeling better :)



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