Friday, September 27, 2013

It's FINALLY Friday

I'm so very thankful today is Friday!

Oh hey, it's Tasha Sunshine....did you forget about me in the blogging world? Sorry for the absence....trying to get back at it.

Okay, so back to it.....TGIF: Thank God It's Friday!!!!!

You see, things have been kind of hectic & not as fun over the last week & a half.

Last Wednesday, I had a really painful ovarian cyst (or 2 or 3) rupture. Thursday, the girls had tumbling:

Now they had fun, but I think I had another minor rupture. It definitely wasn't as painful....but recovering from Wednesday meant no run/walk while the girls did their thing.

Friday morning, this little cutie woke up crying complaining with her head, throat, & ears:

Her fever was 101.7 & given her complaints AND that their office would be closed over the weekend, we headed into the doctors office. She got a diagnosis of early stages of strep & an ear infection. Our fever didn't go below 100 all day.

Saturday was fun for Kayla as she got to go to Cheer Day Camp at school:
 Little Miss My Day Is Not Perfect Without Wearing a Dress Jamie was feeling a little better, but NOT 100%. So we did a lot of cuddling.

While she was down for nap, I hit the treadmill for a nice long walk.

We hadn't had Kayla home from Cheer Camp 30 minutes & she started complaining & presenting with strep symptoms (sorry if she passed it on to any of her friends.....presented with zero symptoms that morning!). Meds were started immediately. And Saturday night, Jamie also threw up once.

So Sunday we did A LOT of laying around & movie watching. PS....Momma's strep symptoms started Sunday (when in Rome...).

Monday morning, EVERYONE felt GREAT so we all headed to school & work. I even got a GOOD BIT of housework done & the girls practiced softball in the yard with Daddy after we all got home.

But Tuesday morning was not our friend.....Kayla picked up a stomach bug on top of her strep. This was the sickest she's ever been & we had to stay on too of her about drinking cause she could nt keep anything down & was borderline dehydrated.

Wednesday was still rough, but she had finally quit throwing up. I think we only got low-grade fever once in the late afternoon-evening. It was another day of laying around. We kept Jamie home from her Mother's Day Out/Preschool 2-day-a-week program just in case she was carrying any of the germs that caused the nasty stomach bug. But she provided plenty of entertainment for Kayla & me as we cuddled.

Thursday Kayla was feeling MUCH MUCH better; so I returned to work while she enjoyed a day with Gree & Jamie.
I went & got her make-up work from school & she wanted me to bring it straight to her when she got up from nap instead of waiting till I got home from work at 5. I am loving her desire to do well in school!

But man, after this week of getting strep, taking care of 2 girls with strep, 1 who also got a stomach bug, post-dinner clean up, 2 loads of laundry, cleaning 1 of 2 tub/showers, & doing my sit-up challenge; I was COMPLETELY zapped & worn out last night. I felt completely worthless after we got the girls to bed.

This morning I woke up rested & Kayla woke up feeling GREAT! 
And acting a little silly too!

As I have reflected back over this, I thought about a few things. I pray everyday for all of my friends who have chronic & terminal illnesses AND those who have children with these same types of illnesses. But when my girls get sick, my heart really goes out to them. I also wonder how in the world people can go through life & not belief or trust or have faith in God, especially if they are in the category of friends I just mentioned praying for. There were several times over the last week & a half I did not think I would be able to keep it together....but I would pray & God would give me the strength to have patience & keep from falling apart. He is so amazing!!!!

So, here's to the weekend & I hope you have a Fantastic Friday!

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