Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Well well well, another weekend has come & gone. As usual, we had fun!

Friday when Kayla got out of school, Gree took the girls on down to our Lake House at Sardis in Mississippi. Poppie joined in when he got off. After the Hubs & I got off work, we went home, soaked the house in Lysol, & headed down too. In case you missed why we soaked the house in Lysol, you can check it out here. By the time we got down there, it was time for dinner. So everyone loaded up & headed to Holiday Lodge. Since the girls are pretty good dinners, we let them have a treat:
Obviously this little girl is feeling better!

And this one too. They both wasted more of their ice cream than they ate, but those smiles were worth it....this time.

Saturday Gree & Poppie headed out in their boat to fish & Daddy headed out with one of our friends down there. The fish were biting slow so it wasn't a great morning for it, but they all enjoyed time out on the water.

While they were fishing, the girls & I headed back down to Holiday Lodge for breakfast cause I just wasn't in the mood to cook breakfast.

Jamie enjoyed her Mickey Mouse pancake.

Kayla enjoyed an egg & pancake. I had an omlet, hash brown, & biscuit. Now do you see why I didn't feel like cooking for just the 3 of us with tht wide variety of request?

After breakfast, the girls & I played & watched some TV (aka: Momma did a lot of relaxing).
Dancing together to The Wiggles

Enjoying playing with toys that live at the Lake House.

It wasn't long before Daddy came back from fishing, & it was time to play outside:

That face (with the dirt) says we've had a REALLY good time playing outside!!!! And all the toys in the background say we have had fun playing inside too!

We watched some pretty good football games (gotta LOVE the SEC) & had steak for dinner:

Then Daddy got the girls washed up. He said I had done plenty of taking care of the girls while they were sick so I needed to just sit back & relax. I will have to say: it was nice! And it was time to head home.

Sunday we all got dolled up & headed to learn more about God & get blessings from being with our church family.

It's awesome to all be at church together as a family!

Sunday afternoon & evening were filled with more relaxing, football, DVR'ed shows, & some playing:

Tell me, how was your weekend???
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  1. So glad to see you back blogging! Glad you had a good weekend with everyone feeling better!


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