Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Highlighted Recap

Well, Hello There!
Did you enjoy your break from me????
I haven't posted since October 24!
For those of you who don't follow me on other forms of social media, you may not know that my grandmother died on October 25. I called her Granny...it was my Mom's Mom. I just haven't been able to get back into my regular routine since all that.....so let me give ya a little recap (& by little you know I really mean: here come a ton of pictures!!!!
I didn't get to share the exciting news with you: My friend Jessica won tickets to the Jason Aldean concert that was on Thursday night (October 24) & guess who she asked to go with her?!?!?!
That's right: I was the winner winner!!!!
Jason brought with him: Thomas Rhett

Jason also brought: Jake Owen

And then of course, there was Jason:

Kelly Clarkson also came out to sing her duet with Jason: Don't You Want to Stay

It was an awesome & amazing show!!!! I absolutely LOVE music & concerts!!!! I have tons of pics, but these were just the highlights. I had planned on doing a whole post dedicated to it; but I just haven't found the time.
Friday, October 25 I got the call that Granny had died. She went very peacefully & she was ready to go....but it still is hard cause I'm human & want her here. But I am thankful she is at peace, no longer in pain, and with her husband, my Poppaw! He died a little over 2 years ago. After getting a nap (I had been up late the night before at a concert, remember?!?!), I got on the road to Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Bad blogger here didn't take a single picture while I was in AR....my bad. But I was a little distracted. I got to see some of my Mom's family: Uncle Dan (Georgia) & some of his kids (Georgia & South Carolina), Uncle David & Aunt Verilyn (Georgia) & their kids, & Uncle Don (Connecticut). Uncle Don did some skyping with his wife & kids so I got to see them (via internet) too. Granny's services were beautiful! My Uncle Jimmie & Aunt Charlotte (Georgia) also came. Uncle Jimmie is my Dad's brother & he did the ceremony. I also got to see & spend time with some of my family & friends in Arkansas. After everyone headed back to their respective homes, Mom headed back with me.
While I was gone, the hubs took the girls to the Fall Festival at Fayette Academy & Zoo Boo at the Memphis Zoo. My mother-in-law joined Jamie at her school. I hate I missed those activities; but it is part of life.....
I did get to make it to some other fun activities after I got back! I also have a ton of pics from these events that truly deserve their own blog post, but I don't want to keep putting off posting. The hubs had to miss out on these as his annual hunting trip with his Dad & buddies to Missouri for hunting kicked off on Halloween.
Kayla's Class Halloween Party (they decorated their own pumpkin & mask):

This is Kayla & Miss Beth (teacher's assistant)....the stomach bug has hit Kayla's school & one of her friends plus Miss Dee (teacher) were out on Halloween).
After the party, we got Jamie in her costume:

....and got ready for the rest of the Halloween Festivities:
Our town square has the businesses participate in passing out candy for Halloween so the kids can trick or treat while it's still daylight. The girls love doing it!!!!

After they got some of their own candy, they returned to our office to help pass out candy to other kids trick or treating. Jamie would run behind the desk anytime someone dressed in something scary walked through the door.

After the square, we had dinner & then headed to the Fall Festival at our church: Somerville First Baptist Church. Jamie won 2nd place in Division I (ages 0-3 years) & Kayla won 1st place in Division II (ages 4-9 years) of the costume parade. They were excited about that & finding Miss Julia there!!!!

Friday, November 1 we had a Girls Night In complete with Pizza, Popcorn, & a Movie (Monsters University):

Saturday, we were honored to join HaleighGrace (Kayla's newest bff) & her family for the Memphis American Heart Walk. We walked in honor of HaleighGrace's grandmother: Ya Ya.

I sure do love these friendships that are developing!!!!

After the Heart Walk, we became Party Animals!!!! We celebrated our friend Hunter.....

......and Mallory


I tried to keep this down to a highlighted recap, but there's been lots going on. I'll try to get back in my normal groove soon!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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