Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One of my FAVs: P!nk

Well hello there followers!
Have you missed me???
It's been busy!!!! I'm going back in time to tell you about:

The P!nk Concert

She played in Little Rock 4 days before my birthday, so my parents got me tickets for my Mom & I to go.

I loaded up & headed out:

After staying the night at Mom & Dad's & chillin, Mom & I headed to Little Rock for the show. This is us when we checked into our hotel:

Mom & Me
We went to a YUMMY pizza joint that serves Chicago style "pies". We happened to run into my Mom & Dad's neighbors while we were there. They also love P!nk & were headed to the concert too.

Me & Misty

We are SOOOO thankful to Alicia for getting us our great hotel room!!!!!
Alicia & Me

And was time for the show!!!!


We were EXCITED!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to me from my Mom & Dad!!!!!

We were too far from Mom & Dad's neighbors either!

Larry & Misty


Blurry picture, but I WANT & DESIRE to have abs like that!!!!



Do you see her flying?????



She had some pretty & awesome stage stuff going on!!!



She's in the ball there:



Bad quality pics here, but I was busy ENJOYING watching her fly over the was TOOOOO cool!!!!!!!!

And then we took a nice evening walk from the arena back to our hotel. It was such a BEAUTIFUL night!!!!

I have to of my all time FAVORITE birthday presents, EVER!!!!!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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