Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Full of Celebrating!

Kayla's 6th Birthday was Saturday, July 13, 2013.
We usually do a family birthday night out on our actual birthday & a party either the weekend before or after.....but Kayla's birthday fell ON a Saturday, so we did her party then & went out a few nights before (Thursday to be exact). Kayla picked Jake & the Never Land Pirates for her Party Theme this year.
Kayla picked Hooter's
The birthday girl with Momma

Lil sister with Daddy

Kayla had to have her picture made with our waitress

She's becoming such a big girl

Jamie wanted her picture made with a waitress too.....so we asked one that had come by our table
After dinner, Kayla decided we should go to Menchie's

Yogurt all over the face

Can't be out done by sister

We were greeted in the yard by this guest when we got home

Since the kitchen needed to stay clean Saturday morning till the party, Daddy cooked breakfast for the birthday girl on Friday

Good night for the last night as a 5-year-old

After she went to bed, I got the goody bag/treasure chest done.

Saturday/Birthday Morning, we had donuts for breakfast

Eye patches for the treasure hunt

Pirate Pappaw

Our friends arrived & as they did, we colored:

Then it was time for Pin the Tail on Tic Toc Croc

Next we did Captain Hook's Ring Toss

We were so blessed to have a total of 17 kids there....that's the most we've ever had when celebrating; & we LOVED it!!!! I wish I would have gotten one good picture with all of them in it.
After games, it was time for lunch:

And what's a birthday party without cake?!?!?!

Then it was time to open presents:

Lil sister was patiently waiting & being such a good girl while everyone was celebrating big sis.
And this is the reaction we got.....

.....when she saw her new Brave Bike
After presents, it was time for the Treasure Hunt:

And pirates need an Eye Patch.....Jamie decided it made a good headband
First on our Treasure Map, we had to walk the plank:

And then we got going to hunt our treasure!!!!

Watch out for Captain Hook's Spider Webs!

Most of the kids (including Kayla & Jamie) had not experienced Silly String, so they were nervous about the "spider webs"

We found our treasure, but we had to unbury it


Kayla had to check out her treasure pirate loot
Chillaxin after the party:

Since Jamie was SUCH a good girl while her big sister was being celebrated, she got a couple of gifts after the party

Oh I LOVE my Momma!!!!

Birthday Spanking

The girls with Nonnie & Pappaw
Playing with our new toys:

Riding our new (& bigger) Brave Bike

Jamie was excited to take over the Barbie Bike

And she told me: Let me ride my tricycle one more time; then you can give it away
Playing with Play Doh:

Since we won't be with Nonnie on her Birthday, we celebrated her over dinner:

This Momma was worn out after all that celebrating!!!!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. Next time how about let the party guests give the birthday girl her birthday spankings.

    1. then I want to be a guest but I want her naked when I spank her

    2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes she is old enough to f--k her in the arse after too


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