Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's My First Ever Throwback Thursday

I have been seeing Throwback Thursday (TBT) posts everywhere in the social world (Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). And y'all know how I love to link up with different bloggers (linking up gives me a focus for my posts so I'm not just rambling at you) here I decided to join in the fun.

My future TBT posts will include some pics of me & probably tons of my girls!

Since it's April, I went on a hunt for an April Throwback. I didn't break out all the albums, yearbooks, & stuff; although I might in the have just been warned.

But looking through the camera cards & flashdrives I have here at work with me, here's a Throwback to April 27, 2011:

I absolutely LOVE generational pictures! That's 3 generations there: my Mom, Me, & the girls (Jamie age 1 & Kayla age 3).
Yes, there's some purple in my hair.
Yes, that's me 34 lbs ago.
Oh WOW how I've changed since this picture!!!!

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Thank you SO much for checking out my post. I will try my hardest to reply back to everyone that comments.