Thursday, April 25, 2013

Manic Monday Spills Over

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my fun day
My I don't have to run day
It's just another manic Monday
Thank you to The Bangles for giving me a song {I love music!} I KNOW it's not Monday; it's freakin TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY for crying out loud. And my Monday wasn't that manic, but that's my excuse for just now posting a blog (not getting any cleaning done too) & I'm stickin to it. I've tried to sit down to write a blog several times since my last one on Thursday & I'm just now getting to it.
In this blog post, you're going to get my Weekend Wrap-Up, Weigh-In Wednesday, and Throwback Thursday.....hold on folks, it's going to be a fun ride!
And I am so sorry about not clumping pictures together, but if I try to do that, I'm going to miss my Weekend Shenanigan Weigh-In Wednesday & Throwback Thursday deadline to link up.
Weekend Wrap-Up of my Shenanigans

Lowe's Trip

Mommy & Jamie at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries

Kayla & Daddy at 5 Guys Burgers & Fries

Daddy & Kayla at Menchie's for dessert

Jamie & Mommy for dessert at Menchie's

Quick stop at CVS Pharmacy.....they are a little squished in the 1-man car

And one last stop by Dick's Sporting Goods for some softball/t-ball stuff for the big girl so she can start practicing in the yard.
Started with a lazy morning {yes, I know it's not Christmas, but I LOVE the size of that cup!!!!}
We got ready to head to The Rockholt Family Housewarming/10th Anniversary Party

Our gifts all ready to go

And we are so excited about their new house!!!! It is so cute!
Jamie LOVES the stairs!!! I think she would have climbed up & down them a thousand times if I would have let her.
These 2 amazing AND inspirational people have been married for 10 years!!!! I feel truly honored to call them my friends!!!!

Looking back through all of my pics, I noticed I don't have a single picture with one of my BFFs: Dawn! So we decided to fix this while we were celebrating (we both love to celebrate, or have any reason to get our people together!!!!)

The guys were trying to be funny & make fun of us by saying "Oh now we need a picture" & trying to be really silly about it....well, jokes on you guys cause I made ya pose for the picture anyway!
Then we headed to 3 Guys Pizza Pies (apparently we like the food joints with Guys in the name)
Kayla & Daddy

Mommy & Jamie

These guys have some YUMMY food!! I recommend the Parmesan Fries & the Carnivore Pizza

Oh how I love making memories with my girls!!!!

Kayla practicing her knife skills

Jamie has finally mastered drinking out of a straw cup without tipping it & making liquid come out of the straw opening in the lid

And why not finish up with a donut dessert at Howards?

This girl makes my heart smile....I love my cuddles with her!!!!

Jamie has really started enjoying saying her bedtime prayers all on her own & is quick to stop you if you try to help.

This girl makes my heart smile....I love getting into her room to hear her bedtime prayers she says with her Daddy. Then we read a little from a novel (when we aren't getting to bed to late) & always take time to have our little talks

And of course we had leftovers for lunches this week!
We went to church but were running a little behind so I didn't get a picture (blogger no bad)

After church, lunch, & nap, the girls & I were able to help a friend of mine out who is in college & had a photography project. The girls had just gotten new outfits & love to get their pictures taken, so it was easy to provide subjects for Stephanie's black & white shoot

Jedi Jamie....may the force be with you
Manic Monday Beginnings
This girl loves school! She has thoroughly enjoyed her Mother's Day Out/Preschool Programs & is really excited about getting to start Kindergarten in the fall!
We all have the sinus/allergy issues, but they have gotten really bad for Jamie from Friday on......

....we have been a few 3am hour-long cough sessions that result in her having to have cough meds and an albuterol breathing treatment.....

....since it has gotten no better after 4-days of OTC & she was starting to not act herself, we headed to the doctor's office.......
....& she had developed an ear infection from the fluid building up in her ears. Praise the Lord for no fevers!!!!

We decided to have..... Homemade Tacos with Flash-Fried Corn Tortillas.
We were all so worn out from Jamie not sleeping well from her sinus/allergy issues....
....that all of us girls were asleep in the living room before 8pm.
Manic Monday Begins to Spill Over
Tuesday brought us.......
I praise the Lord that this wild-haired woman finally got a good night full of sleep!

Kayla had her 2nd dentist check-up:
She was excited!

She worked on some math while lookin all cool....
....10 teeth on bottom + 10 on top = 20 teeth total in her mouth
Her pearly whites were so fresh & so clean with no cavities.....
.....she picked a blue parachute man off the treasure board.

We had our dentist appointment around lunch time, so after had our smiles cleaned.....
....we had lunch at Subway.

Fresh Fish Tuesday....
...enough said

This guys was cool lookin' & all.....
....but not invited to sleep with me!

.....I realized the girls only have 5 Mother's Day Out/Preschool Days left this year. This is exciting & sad, all at the same time.
And the girls got to enjoy some time in Mission Friends & Preschool Choir.
Apparently Jamie was still a lil worn out cause she was the class's baby sleeping (fake sleeping)
Weigh-In Wednesday
In the last 255 Days......
....I have tracked my stuff on My Fitness Pal and lost 34 lbs!!!!

You've seen what I've been eating & it has not been pretty! So I've had to stay on top of my workouts!
I've been working on the Thigh challenge for the month of April (& still doing the Ab challenge cause that is my area needing the most work). I hit the treadmill when I don't have my little strolling partners or the weather is icky outside.

I walk the long way to the post office everyday at work.
And the girls & I have thoroughly enjoyed & taken advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having. That double stroller weighs 25ish lbs, Jamie weighs 30ish lbs, & Kayla weighs 40ish lbs....needless to say, when you walk the hills around our house, it makes for an awesome workout!!!!
I've also found the Endomondo app & love it! One of the moms from my Moms Bible Study/Play Date Group also goes to the same church we do. So while the girls are in their Preschool Choir at Church, Becky & I get in a good walk!!!!
Here's a little workout funny for ya: 
The girls decided to "help" me with my push-ups. I was so tickled at Jamie's booty-ups & Kayla's head-ups that I couldn't do my own push-ups!
Throwback Thursday
In honor of Prom Season, I'm throwing it back to Senior Prom:
This is one of my FAV pics with my Daddy!
So what has your life been like since last Thursday????
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Weigh-In Wednesday
Throwback Thursday

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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