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Weekend Shenanigans

If you read Manic Monday Spills Over, then you know that I attempted to blog & link up with my Weekend Shenanigans all week long, but it just didn't happen.

I'm attempting again this week.....let's see if I actually get it all done before the link up deadline.

Action-Packed Friday

Gree wanted off on Friday, so that means I got an unexpected day off!
So I got the girls ready, we grabbed a Lunchable Picnic lunch at Kroger, & headed to the zoo.

I usually always take a picture of the parking spot number we are parked in, but it was field trip day at the Memphis Zoo, so we were parked out in the grass field (1st time for everything). I took a picture of the letter of the row that was closest to the spot where we were parked in the field.

I had each of the girls grab a crayon before we left the house. Once we got to the zoo, they each got a map so they could mark off all the animals they saw while we were there. With Jamie still liking to take a solid 2-hour nap most days, we hardly ever get to see all of the animals, but I thought this would prompt them for later when people ask them what animals they saw. Sometime when we go, I'll pre-plan a little better & print off some Zoo Scavenger Hunt pages. 

Do you remember I said it was Field Trip Day at the Memphis Zoo??? was crowded.
Since I am doing this as my Weekend Shenanigans post, you won't get all of the pictures I took at the zoo, but at least all the ones that included the girls in there. 
Kayla wanted her picture made with the lions

Jamie saying: look Kayla!

Checking out the animals

Jamie realized Mommy wasn't going to be a crazy stroller driver, so if she stayed unbuckled, she could stand up on her footrest & see more animals (or seem them better anyway).


Headed into the bird house/exhibit....this area wasn't too crowded so we were able to roam stroller-free.

Checking out the birds

Look at that bird Mommy!

Checking out the penguins


We looked at the stingrays, but refused to touch them. Maybe next time....

Headed into the Farm Area

I hatched a KAYLA!

Don't have a cow, Dude!

Look, I found a double-yoked egg!!!!

Kayla showing me the fish

Lunchable Picnic Lunch Time: Kayla had a Sub Lunchable, Jamie had a Turkey & Cracker Lunchable, & I had a healthier 270 Calorie Lunchable option with Roasted Chicken 

Some lady was nice enough to take a picture of the 3 of us girls in front of the beautiful flowers!

My big girl skipping along the path

Checking out the pandas.....they were sleeeeeeppppping

Elephant Time

And by this time, Jamie said "I'm tired"

Do you see that stand? The one that says Funnel Cakes on it? I took a picture from a distance. I was successfully able to avoid making a stop there! Funnel Cakes = one of my weaknesses!

Kayla wanted to help me push the stroller

Checking out the zebras

Time for the giraffes

This dude was really close to us, trying to get the grass that was greener on the other side.

The Memphis Zoo just had a Baby Girl Girraffe in January

LOVIN my Unexpected Day Off at the Zoo with my Girls!

Kayla's a girraffe!

Jamie's a girraffe too!!!!

And Jamie was getting really tired so it was time to head out.

We had to make a wish on our way out

Traditional Animal Picture on the way out (Kayla's choice of animal)

Traditional Animal Picture on the way out (Jamie's choice of animal)

We had planned on leaving before seeing the elephants cause I knew Jamie was getting tired & ready to head towards her nap. But ya see, someone left their cooler unattended in the play area. And given the recent events in the world, everyone is on high alert. This picture represents one of the 50 police officers + bomb squad that came to ensure that it was not a bomb & we were all safe. Right about the time we got back to the play area to head to the front gate, is about the same time all of that took place. So I decided to avoid that area like the plague until we came back & it was all clear or we were informed otherwise. It may have appeared to have been an over-reaction, but given that I was there with my 2 blessings, I am beyond thankful that they were better safe than sorry!!!!

We had a little snack on the way home while watching a movie (okay, so I was driving & the girls were watching the move).....trying to keep them awake so a good nap would happen at home, in their own beds.
And I even fell asleep on the couch. When the hubs got home from work, he woke us all up & said he wanted to do something fun with the girls too. So we loaded up..... 
.....& went to Memphis Pizza Cafe.

After dinner, we met Jessica & Kolby for some bowling.
Me & Jess

The girls with picking out balls

Daddy helping Jamie

Kayla getting a little help from Kolby

What Jamie's ball sees as it left the kiddie ramp.

What Kayla's ball saw was it left the kiddie ramp.

The scores in the order of Kayla, Jamie, Greg, Tasha, Kolby, & Jessica.
Lazy Saturday

I swear, I could have slept all day long on Saturday.....I'm getting old. Okay, so maybe I'm not getting old at the ripe old age of 32. Let's blame it on the crazy changes in barometric pressure around here or the fact that I didn't drink the 80-112 oz of water I drink a day & didn't drink on Saturday, my energy was zapped!
I did have a cup of coffee & enjoyed pancakes with the family.
I also got up to make Bacon Cheesy Garlic Bread & enjoyed steak dinner. But other than that, I was on the couch doing everything I could to keep my eyes open.

 Meanwhile, Kayla headed with her Daddy to get flats for the Crawfish Boil.

Crawfish Sunday
 Sunday did not start out well for me (migraine), but we'll blame it on that barometric pressure & lack of normal consumption of H2O.
After taking some meds & spending an extra hour in bed, the girls & I got to cleaning. And since I love music, we jam out while we clean!
After nap, it was time........ 
.....for CRAWFISH/MUD BUGS!!!!!!!

The girls thoroughly enjoyed being able to get out & play!!!! Kayla has finally gotten brave enough to ride that 4-wheeler without someone walking right beside her. And let me tell ya, she loves it! Jamie has become a master at riding the tricycle! 
Veggies & Sausage is ready!

Crawfish are ready!

My first flat!

Jamie telling Poppie & Gree all about something

Jamie got on the 4-wheeler, again, after some coaching. The first time she got on, Kayla in the process of telling her how to ride, but Jamie started going before getting her instructions on how to stop. Kayla had left it in reverse when she got off & Jamie ended up backing the grill (which was not in use) into the house. It was comical, but Jamie thought not so much. After getting her calmed down, I talked her into getting back on, & she rode it A TON with me walking right beside her & helping her stear. She's starting to get the hang of it.

 The bike has a flat tired, but the bell & Barbie on the front are still fun to play with!!!!

Dropping some more crawfish!

Hanging out with our friends (didn't get as many pictures as I meant to!):

 This girl loved her some Crawfish & would get a bite from anyone who offered! My girls, not so much.

Corn is good (some we had frozen from the garden)

Juice boxes are always a hit in lil crowd.

And we all LOVED the dessert!!!!!

So tell me about your weekend!!!!

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Have a Sunshiny Day,
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  1. The zoo looks like it was such a fun time! I can't wait until Little Man is old enough to appreciate the zoo.

  2. WOW! your weekend looks amazing! I cant wait to head to the zoo this summer. and I wont lie, those crawfish look pretty good!


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