Monday, April 1, 2013

Chance to Win $700 AND Pamper Me Pretty Swap

 Did that title catch your attention????

I know it would mine!


This past week Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels reached 1,000 followers on her blog!  To celebrate and thank her readers, she has teamed up with some of her favorite bloggers to have a huge giveaway!  Please take a moment to show these women (and one man) some love!  One lucky reader will win a $300 gift card to J.Crew, a $200 gift card to Target and a $200 gift card to Sephora!  How amazing is that?!  You can check out each blog by clicking on the link below their name, and enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter below.

Abigail  ||  Ady  ||  Alicia


Andrea D  ||  Andrea M  ||  Angela


Alyssa  ||  Amy D  ||  Analisa

Ashlee  ||   Bekah  ||   Brianne

Chioma   ||   Colleen   ||   Dani

Emily  ||  Holly  ||  Jaclyn




Karri  ||  Keyona  ||  Kira 


Laura  ||  Lindsey  ||  Maria


Merchon  ||  Serena  ||  Taber 



I also learned about this fun event!

It's a swap where you get teamed up with someone & y'all will send each other a $15-$20 Pampering Package!
Are you excited? Get Excited!
This swap is all about you!
What woman doesn't love getting pampered and feeling pretty?

You'll be paired up with an awesome lady and the two of you will have time to get to know one another and find out what would make each other feel pampered and pretty. Maybe it's a mani/pedi kit, bath salts and bubble bath or, maybe it's calming music and scented candles! Whatever it is, it will be your mission to figure it out and deliver a sweet package to your new friend!
So you want to play along?
Click on that Pamper Me Pretty Swap Button up there in this section to get all the detials!
Hopefully I'll be able to give ya some weekend highlights before the next day or two & I still need to finish giving you all of last weekends stuff.
Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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