Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

What did you do this weekend??????
Had some of our FAV peeps (Dawn, Lorelei, & Boaz) over to make Build Your Own Pizzas with us Friday night. This is the first time anyone has joined us for Build Your Own Pizza Night & we LOVED it!!!!

This boy always makes my heart smile!!!!

After we ate our yummy pizzas, we went for a walk/stroll. This is how the group started out with me pushing the stroller & Dawn pulling the wagon.
Sorry this one is blurry, but it was a representation that Dawn ended up carrying Boaz most of the walk. At some point in there, Kayla got out of the stroller, into the wagon, & Jamie got into the stroller.

OMG....the hills around our house are some killer ones if you're wanting a good workout!
After all that walking, we had to enjoy a yummy cookie (or 2) that Dawn & the kids brought. I always love when we get together!!!!
I stayed up till 12:01am Saturday so I could get registered for the St. Jude Half Marathon...which I will be walking, not running/jogging.

I was soooooooo thankful to my friends who chatted with me on FB & helped keep me up so I could get registered because by 2:15ish on Saturday, general registration for the Half Marathon was FULL. These 2 girls & I are going to try help each other with training & maybe even ride together down there. Although April is going to be running it, she's promised to wait on us walking. I would love to have registered as a Hero......but the hubs already collects money for St. Jude for his fishing tournament from everyone we know, so I can't commit to saying yes I can raise this amount. I do play on trying to do some fundraising, just can't commit to a specific amount.
Saturday brought June to us, so it's time for a new Monthly Fitness Challenge! There's still time to join us if you want to!!!! Here's this month's focus: 
I'm also doing this as a bonus (along with my training to walk the St. Jude Half Marathon):

The Crawfish Cabin set up at Teague Store on Saturday, so I got a fill on crawfish. I only got 1 lb (which is all I really needed), but man some more would have been nice!!!! It was sooooo yummy & flavored just right....spicy but not too hot!

Since our radar was not pretty, I did this while the girls were down for nap. Ended up doing 3 miles in about 41 minutes on the treadmill.
Since the weather was not our friend for outside fun activities, we decided to find some place to have some indoor fun. 
First...dinner at Hooters! We love some hot wings!!!!

Then a little play time at the Mall Play Area

Fun times on the carousel.....
.....& riding the rides:

Sunday brought us church:

The girls love getting all dolled up!!!! God has truly blessed me by picking me to be their Momma!!!!
As prep for Vacation Bible School at our church this week, the girls got to sing with their other choir buddies in front of the whole church. The girls are so small!!!! I feel like it's Where's Kayla & Where's Jamie????
Since Jamie is only 3, she usually stays back in the nursery during service cause Children's Church doesn't technically start till age 4. But, she gets to participate in Preschool Choir on Wednesday nights & they had been practicing this song & didn't want her to feel left her 1st time in big service, she goes big! She sang in front of the whole church. And then, after the singing the children had their time up front with our puppets. After the time with the puppets, the children who want to are allowed to pray into the microphone in front of the whole church. Jamie raised her hand cause she wanted to pray. She thought a minute & after her teacher leaned down & spoke to her; Jamie said "Ummm, now I lay me down to sleep" and proceeded to say her entire bedtime prayer without missing a beat which included everyone in the family she asks God to bless. It was toooooooo precious. Jamie is apparently going to be a go big or go home kind of kid.

After church, we had lunch with Gree & Poppie (who had come to see the girls sing at church) at one of our local Mexican restaurants.

Dinner was yummy: Spinach & Strawberry Salad, Broccoli, Shells & Cheese, & Italian Dressing Grilled Chicken

Yep, I had dessert (twice for those who are counting since I had those yummy homemade & soft chocolate chip cookies that Dawn brought over Friday). It was a big Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Cool Whip, Chocolate Syrup, Fresh Strawberries, & Caramel (for me) & Sprinkles (for everyone but me).
Other then that, it was a lot of movie watching. Monday morning: new schedule.....can't wait to talk about it on Workout & Weigh-In Wednesday!!!!


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  1. So sad that I didn't get registered in time! But I'll be a cheerleader.

    1. I know....I'm sad too!!!!!!!!!!!! But EXCITED you'll be cheering us on!!! You're riding with us, right????


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