Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday Time to May Vacay

It's Throwback Thursday Time!
Oh how I LOVE digging out the old pics!!!! But I decided to throw ya all the way back to......
...last week.
I know, I know, that's not that far back, but I haven't gotten a chance to blog about my May Vacay yet, ya go:
Heading Over
Last week, the girls & I loaded up & headed over to my parents' house on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. Mom & Dad are also known as Nonnie & Pappaw.

I let them get junk as snacks while I resisted the Cracker Jacks!

Someone got sleepy!

EXCITED we are in their driveway!!!!
Time Outside

The girls love helping Nonnie water flowers!

Hammock fun!


Time on the Boat/In the Water

Time Inside

Pre-shopping for Kayla's Birthday (in July):



Beautiful girl!

Oh how I LOVE this woman!

Dinner out
Pedicure Time:

Visiting with Granny
Resident Dog Coco

Pushing Granny around

4 Generations

Crazy drivers!
Chuck E. Cheese with Aunt Maggie

A Trip to the Mall
I needed a new swimsuit, the girls got to play

And of course, Jamie led us straight to the cookie shop....she could smell them from across the mall she said.
Headed Home
The girls got more junk.....

...& I resisted the Cracker Jacks again, in two of my FAV flavors: Butter Toffee & Kettle Corn.
We had an AWESOME trip to see Mom & Dad/Nonnie & Pappaw & our friends & family other there. I can't wait to do it again!!!!

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  1. Looks like you had lot's of fun! I love your little thumb sucker! My son sucked his thumb until he started school! I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Check out SunShine PenPals and join the fun! We'd love to have you!


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