Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating Jamie (Picture OVERLOAD)

Goodbye to "2" Day
Do you see this?????
Usually we do dinner ON birthdays & party on a different day. But it's all the same day for Jamie this year, so we decided to make her last day to be 2 have a fun moment. It was Goodbye to "2" Day!

Oakland Donuts was closed........... we drove to Howard's cause I promised the girls we were going to eat AT a donut place.

They had been slammed with tons of folks being off of work & school since it was Good Friday, but we were still able to find something we liked.

Jamie picked a pink sprinkle donut with chocolate milk.

Kayla picked a yellow sprinkle donut with chocolate milk.

Last Bath as a 2-year-old.
Favor Buckets for our friends:

Playing around the kitchen

Jamie's 3rd Birthday

Then & Now:
Jamie went from causing me 7 weeks of bedrest to stop pre-term labor, to me having been induced 3 weeks after bedrest because she decided she wasn't ready to come. She went from being a little monkey, climbing all over everything, to: I not a monkey, I a Princess Monkey. Well, today I was informed: I not a Princess Monkey, I'm just a Princess. She does everything in her own time, at her own pace. I feel BEYOND blessed that God has allowed me to be her Mommy!

Good Morning to my 3-year-old Birthday Girl with Birthday Donut

Kayla enjoying a donut too.

A little pizza & Veggie chips for lunch. Yes, I know she's still in her jammies, but it's her birthday & the party was after nap.

Presents that appeared while Jamie was napping

It's almost party time!

Pictures with all our decorations:

A little balloon play before our friends arrive:

Oh I love my girls!!!!

Jamie says: I'm three
The awesome cake:

Jamie was excited to give a Favor Bucket to her friends!
Playing with our friends:




Jamie loves Boaz & loves talking with him.

Taking in all these girls running around him.
Sweet Jessica made the awesome cake for us!!! We absolutely LOVED it & it was SO yummy!!!!
Coloring Time:

Mallory & Sophie

Lillie Kate & Jamie

Kayla, Dawn, & Boaz

Anna Claire & Lorelei
After coloring, we made Fruit Loop Necklaces:

Nonnie helping Jamie & Lillie Kate

Anna Claire getting help from her Mommy (Sara) & Sophie getting help from her Mommy (Rachel)

Kayla watching Boaz get help from Dawn

Gree watching as Carol tried to help Mallory, but she wanted to do it all on her own.

Jessica helping Lorelei

Nonnie helping Lillie Kate & Jamie

Anna Claire & Sophie decided to go play, so Sara & Rachel were left to finish the necklaces on their own.

Boaz says: Who keeps taking the Fruit Loops I'm trying to eat?

Sweet Sisters with their Fruit Loop Necklaces

Our little Party People
Time for presents (I'm not posting all the pics we took during opening, but here's a taste):
Jamie was so blessed by all of her presents....we even had some delievered by people who couldn't be at the party.

I am NOT playing on my phone while my sweet child is opening presents! I had totally forgotten to grab a piece of paper & pen & she had started tearing into them; so I was using my Notes app to get everything down.

Our friends watching
And the adults watching too:

Checking out what she got....yes, she's barefoot, but that's how she rolls

LOVED this expression!!!!

Our friends were very helpful when they felt the need

Excited about being able to be Doc McStuffins!

Sophie was enjoying her Fruit Loop Necklace

It didn't take her long to dig in.

Anna Claire had a big day!

All that crafting, playing, & present opening made us work up an appetite:

Boaz wanted to be a big kid like Jamie & use a folk.

"Happy Birthday to you...." Cake Time:

Nonnie & Jamie

This lil man makes my heart smile!

Check out all her loot!
Playing till the end:

Kayla dancing with Boaz

Rock Stars Rockin'

Best Buddies!

I'm takin a snack to go, Tash!

Jessica & Jamie

Kayla kissin Kolby

I think he liked that kiss!

The girls love these 2!!!!

Nonnie worked hard to get everything that needed to be put together
Can I get a little help please?

Love my Jess
Since she was such a good big sis.....she got a couple of presents after our friends left:


This expression cracked me up!
Enjoying our new toys:

After all her hard work, Jamie had to get a "Thank You" picture with Nonnie!!!!

I feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate this little girl God blessed me with!!!!


Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. Happy Birthday Jamie!!!! :) I hope to meet you one day sweet girl!! :)

  2. Aw, how cute! Looks like they had a blast.

    Jillian -


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