Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fishy Fishy

Anyone else think of the Fish McBites commerical when you read that title????
It was Fish Monday around this joint, & here's what it has looked like the last day or so.

This was part of my Quiet Time message Monday morning.....
.....it was helpful for me to remember all throughout the day. It has also been helpful for me to remember as I went through Tuesday....more on that in a bit.
Monday was the last full day of preschool/Mother's Day Out for the 2012-2013 school year.....
.....the girls are sad about leaving Ms. Angela & Ms. Nikki & their friends, but they're excited about the summer & what next year will be like.
Since I was unable to do work 2 days last week due to being under the influence of some pain meds...... 
....I had a crazy pile of boxes to deal with today.
Monday's Lunch: 
Love me some Lenny's for lunch!
Do you see that little button right there???? 

Yea, I broke it today. Luckily the machine still works, but ya really have to work hard to get the thing to turn off.
When I got home from work, this little pile of stuff brought tears to my eyes..... 
....it meant that today was the last full day of preschool for the 2012-2013 school year.
The girls with their school stuff at the end of the year:
And Kayla had to do a crazy photo session to get some giggles:

Sweet, goofy girl!
Did I mention it was Fish Monday around this joint????

And we even had a special dessert!!!!
Again, I say yummy!!!!!!

Anyone remember those New Year's Resolutions?
This is part of one of mine: to work on the house a little each day so it looks presentable at all times. The girls & I got almost everything done on today's list!!!! I even got some help from the hubs with folding the crazy mountain of towels & socks...why oh why do I always put folding these loads off????
So we did a little xBox 360 Just Dance 3!
And I decided to actually do some workout today!
Remember, I was on some pain meds and ate some yummy dessert???? So workouts haven't been happening like they were supposed to, and I ate some yummy dessert. Even though today is a Rest Day on my St. Jude Half Marathon Walking Training, a workout was a must! I started training this early so I could get myself into the schedule (more on that during Weigh-In Wednesday).
 Due to sinus/allergy issues, I didn't sleep well at all Monday night (like maybe a total of 2.5 hours). Tuesday morning, God gave me this (& I sent it to those I text every morning I get my Quiet Time with God in letting them know that I had prayed for them): I pray that I am able to remain in Christ as referred to in 1 John 2:28, completely surrendering my life to Him; being brutally honest with Him, myself, & others when led to share different facets of life; & being concerned most with His will. I asked a couple of my prayer buddies (via text) to pray for my mood/attitude to reflect that of a Christian & not a crabby heathen. I got to see those prayers work and got to glorify God!!! The 1st patient I helped gave me ample opportunity to be crabby given his own mood/attitude but I prayed for responses to him instead of reactions. I focused on God & not my current situation as God had instructed me on Monday & surrendered my life & responses to Him as He had instructed me Tuesday morning. Another patient commented on how pleasant I was. I told them I was only able to be like that because I get up every morning & spend time with God. And let me tell ya something, on those mornings when I don't, oh boy can I tell it and others around me can definitely tell it.
Oh....& an updated photo of my shiner from horseplaying with Jamie Sunday night:
So how have your Monday & Tuesday been?????

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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