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May 17-19 Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was the start of a week-long vacation to my parents' house in Hot Springs, AR.
The drive to Mom & Dad's can be a little long at times though (construction on 40 & traffic), so I decided not to go right after work on Friday.
Since everyone was still in town, we met up with Gree, Poppie, & Daddy at Stix in Collierville.

I absolutely LOVE sushi!!!! I went with a ginger salad & Houston roll for dinner.

The girls worked hard on mastering their chopstick skills. They were doing much better than I can do!

After dinner, the girls & I did some Zumba on the xBox.
I had a goal of leaving the house by 9:30 to get the show on the road.

But as I was putting my first load in the SUV (which included my purse), I locked my keys in. The spare key was also locked inside. I did not inform the girls of what happened. I got them watching a show & waited on Somerville PD to come help me out. I am so thankful they were able to help me out & if it had to happen, it was while we were still at the house!

We finally got everything loaded up. My motto is "better to have it then wish you had it", so I packed a lot for us 3 girls to be gone for 1 week.

I have gotten a virus or 3 on my laptop. So I worked on backing up my pictures on Friday, & we dropped it off with the Geek Squad as we headed out of town.
That drop off took a while, but we were finally able to get the show on the road!!!!
Since the girls had been very good during the little hiccups & stops along the way, ate good lunches, & had been good in the car; when we made a pit stop, I let them get whatever junk they wanted as a snack. I was able to resist the Cracker Jacks....that was hard cause I love me some Cracker Jacks!

Someone was tired.

But everyone got very excited once we got here!!!!

We weren't even here 15 minutes & the girls were ready to help water the flowers!!!!
Oh what a peaceful & beautiful view to wake up to!?!?!? Okay, so it was still dark when I woke up (since I get up at 4:45 every morning), but this was beautiful when I went outside after my Quiet Time.

Kayla was checking to see if it was warm enough for us to go swimming. She could NOT wait to get into the water!!!!!

After a trip to Wally World, we were able to get ready to go. I love my little Summer Fun Babies (who aren't such babies any more).

We got all loaded up in the boat & we were ready to go!

Kayla watched waves & was chillaxin.

Jamie was busy playing & chillaxin.

And then we had lunch on the boat.

The girls love their Lunchables!

Silly girl with her glasses on upside down.

Kayla decided to take a little "rest" in the shade.
One day, I'm going to get a nice camera with a lens & all that jazz. But it's days like today when I am so thankful I have a waterproof camera....I can get in the water with it & catch some action!!!!
Splashing around....she has really grown to love the water over the last couple of years!

This girl has loved the water from day 1!

I have 2 lil Miss Independents (as long as they have their lifejackets on & can touch the bottom).

Kayla's just floating around.

Swimming with my little big girl.

Swimming with my big girl.

After some splashing around, it was time to have a snack & head back.

Jamie got sleepy & took her nap like this. I have no clue how she's comfortable, but she took a pretty good nap like that, so I guess she is. We let her nap on the boat till she woke up, which was after we got back to the house.

While Jamie was napping, Kayla was splashing some more in Nonnie & Pappaw's cove.
After dinner, the girls had freeze pops with their mitts. 

Tell me about your weekend!

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  1. What a fun weekend! It looks like a beautiful place. I have to ask, where did you get those life jackets? They are adorable! I need to find one for my 18 month soon. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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