Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pamper Me Pretty on This Tired Tuesday

I am tired today (Tuesday.....more on why in just a bit)!!!!
Being this tired makes me truly appreciate the first part of this post even more than I think I would have if I would have been instructed to do it on a different day.
I got to participate in my very first blog swap this month! It was SO exciting! It is called:
It was developed by two of my FAV bloggers I get to follow: Lacey @ Charm & Sass & Melissa @ Dreams & Colour. Those of us who wanted to participate signed up & were matched with someone else who had signed up as our partner. My Pamper Me Pretty Partner was Meredith @ Eclectic Enthusiast. We got to know each other & started following each other's blogs & on all kinds of other social media outlets. I have loved gaining her as someone to follow....too cute & has lots of fun! After getting to know each other, we sent each other boxes full of happies to help Pamper Me Pretty!
I was SO EXCITED to get my box!!!!
Check out all my goodies (I've tried out some & can't wait to try out the rest!): 
***Goody Ouchless pony tail holders (LOVE these! And she didn't even know that I almost always use a pink or black pony tail holder)
***Goody Slideproof Headwraps (can't wait to try these while I'm walking & doing my workouts)
***Inspirational Note Cards (I LOVE sending little notes & these will come in handie!)
***Fresh Food List Notepad (I'm always making lists so I know I will be using this up)
***Lilac & Honeysuckle Scented Soy Candle (I love candles & see me using this one cause it smells so nice! Plus it's purple....one of my FAV colors!)
***e.l.f. studio matte lip color (can't wait to try this out)
***Johnson's body care Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile Lotion (who doesn't love the lavender smell or anything made by Johnson's???)
***love & beauty by Forever 21 Rice Moisture facial mask for sensitive skin (can't wait to try these out)
***A bar of wonderfully smelling soap she got while on a trip to France (it smells so fresh & so clean)
***Beautiful Blue Bead Necklace (I've got some outfits this will look really cute with!)
***Honey Chapstick (I have been meaning to get some chapstick so this arrived just in time. I also love The Bee Movie & it makes me think of it every time I use it)
***And she even included a tube of Lip Smacker Birthday Cake chapstick for each of girls (they are going to love this!!!!)
She even sent me a sweet card! 

This was such an awesome swap! We had originally been given a different date to blog about our boxes, but boy am I thankful that it got changed to today!
I'm a full-time working mother & you'll understand why I say I'm tired. Us moms don't always take time out for ourselves. We are always doing for someone else & our own wants & needs get put on the back burner (ex., I can't tell you the last time I did a facial mask on myself, but I love them!). So this box was a reminder to me to take time for myself every once in a while. Slow down & even if it's just for 15 minutes, Pamper Me Pretty.
But this particular Tuesday, I am really tired.
Do you remember that day in my Mother's Day Weekend Shenanigan's blog post where I didn't get any sleep....like never dozed off, at all?
Couple that with the fact that I got to go to the Memphis Grizzlies NBA Playoff Game last night against the Thunder & that explains why I'm really tired on This Tuesday.

Our seats were pretty close to the court!

My company at the game. The company my father-in-law works for has season tickets that they let a few of the employees share. We were so blessed to get to have the tickets for this game!

I was the mascot for my High School.....so to say I'm obsessed with Grizz is a major understatement!

It's game time!

This was The Balloon Man....he preformed during a time out or in between quarters. It was a little odd, but there was some funny parts.

I love to dance & was on the dance squad in Jr. High....so yea, I'm obsessed with The Grizz Girls too!!!!

Olate Dogs preformed during halftime....they won America's Got Talent a year or so ago. They were good!

I am so stinkin short! If everyone stood up, this was my eye-level view. I did a lot of standing to the side & on my tip toes. PS....that kid standing in front of me with the hat & yellow cape on, was in like Jr. High.....And he is in the row in front of me (which means drop down a level of seats). I am short!

Super Grizz

This crowd was on fire!!!!

Again....I'm obsessed with Grizz & The Grizz Girls!!!!

Tony Allen is an awesome player & always provides for entertainment when he is on the sidelines. He is always REALLY into the game!!!!

After going into overtime: GRIZZ win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my view at 12:10 this morning. And I didn't get to my house till about 1:30......now ya get why I'm tired!

Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. What an awesome box of goodies! I hope you take some time for yourself and put them to good use! You deserve it!

    It looks like y'all had a lot of fun at the game last night!!


  2. Omg this post made my day!!! I am so glad you loved everything as much as I loved everything in my box! I am actually rockin' my tube scarf today to yoga as I type. Loved meeting and getting to know you.

  3. What a lovely box of goodies :) Isn't it fun to get packages in the mail?! And how sweet of her to include a treat to pamper your little girls also!!

  4. What a fabulous box full of goodies!
    And, what a great night of basketball for you!

  5. Thank you so much for signing up for our swap! I'm glad your first swap was such a success and you were able to really enjoy your box. So much great stuff!


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