Friday, February 8, 2013

Crappies and Happies

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I was reading some of the blogs I follow this morning & I saw one called Happies and Crappies by my friend Lacy at Charm & Sass

I read through it & thought it was WAY cute! It's a link up with Sarah at Scissors & Whisk  where you do a quick recap of your highs & lows from the week. I started stalking following Sarah, grabbed her button, & had something structured to blog about today.

I like to end on a good note, so I'm starting with my

~ I am worn out

~ I am sore

~ I lost the calendar of days off at Preschool

~ Jamie came in contact with Pinworms

~ Kayla has pushed her limits

~ Jamie didn't get to eat a mini cupcake

~ I am worn out means we've been BUSY at work this week post-flu, which means my family is being provided for

~ I am sore means I've felt well enough to get some workouts in this week after the flu

~ I lost the calendar of days off at Preschool means I got a chance to text one of the girls' sweet teachers & learned the Preschool calendar follows one of the local schools & they have a website I can check out

~ Jamie came in contact with Pinworms means the girls FINALLY felt well enough to go to school & I got a chance to talk with the director of the Preschool {not something we get to do much in the drop off line}

~ Kayla has pushed her limits means I've had to rely more on God to not come unglued with her & teach her about obedience, respect, & limits

~ Jamie didn't get to eat a mini cupcake means I stayed strong & stuck to my word about her not getting a cupcake if she didn't eat what she was supposed to....more of this obedience, respect, & limits
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Tell me about your week!



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