Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Randomness

It's where I'm going to some a lot of different random things & expect you to follow along. I figured this was a good ideas since I haven't blogged (other than Weigh-In Wednesday) to let you know what's gone on since Wrapping Up the Weekend.
I won some Antiollier Chocolate from a giveaway done by Laura @ Walking In Memphis in High Heels & it has been shipped. I am EXCITED!
The sweet dogs had to go to the vet this week:
Tessie weighs 8.1 lbs 

Abby weighs 8 lbs.
I have gotten the giveaway prize for when I reach my 25 Followers on Google Friend Connect (GFC).
I'm 4 people away! To start following me, click blue button Join this Site over on the right.
I am still sore from the flu (that's been gone for a week & a half) & this: 
has been my best friend this week.
Everyday on Facebook I do a status that includes Today's Reason to Celebrate. It's full of known & sometimes unknown holidays/bizarre celebrations. On Monday, one of the reasons to celebrate was Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. this house we celebrated Don't Cry Over Spilled Money. "You see what had happened was", Poppie had given Jamie a "ticket" (aka: dollar bill). I was in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen when she wanted to put it in her piggie bank & I told her to wait just a minute. Well, either she didn't hear me or decided not to listen & this is what I walked into after the crash & Jamie's crying. As upset as she was there was NO WAY I was getting on to her for not listening. We put her money into the wipe container that is beside the big mess.

After you break your piggie bank, you need a few extra cuddles from Mommy.

Ahhhh...."so fresh & so clean" straight out of the bath (Jamie) & shower (Kayla) pimpin' their housecoats. Check out those curly locks!!!!

This made my heart smile....Jamie decided to join Kayla & Daddy for Bedtime Devotional Time.
I've been crazy busy at work this week!

Each on of those represents 1 lens. There are 24 in that stack, which means I cut 24 lenses & got each 1 into their adjusted frames, tested pressures, helped patients pick out frames, called everyone with glasses & contacts ready, & confirmed appointments ALL on Tuesday alone.
Oh, & I also emptied the edger (the machine that cuts the lenses to fit into the frame)

This is what my scrub top looked like after I emptied & cleaned up the edger.
My sweet friend Krystal @ Life As a Football Family put this as her status on Facebook:

It TOTALLY made my day!!!!
My sweet new blogger friend Lacey @ Charm & Sass made me a button:
 photo Tashasbutton.jpg>
Please feel free to grab it & pimp it!
Tonight the girls got their toes painted to prep for our Valentine's Day Events.
Daddy painted Kayla's toes

Daddy painted Jamie's toes

Mommy painted Kayla's fingers

Jamie's toes

Kayla's toes

Kayla's fingers pretty in sparkle pink {Jamie can't get her's painted cause she sucks her thumb--in case you missed that from the pictures above}

I even got my piggies painted!
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  1. That is one heck of a man! He needs to teach my man how to paint nails! haha! love it

    1. I know right?!?!?! His hand is steadier than mind. And since we are done having kids, he had to give in & do some of the girlie things to be involved with us (although we aren't too girlie girl).

  2. How sweet of the mister to paint the toes!!

  3. Aww I made your blog!!! Yay!!! Sounds like a busy/productive but GOOD week :-)

    1. Oh Krystal....your so sweet & kind words could NOT go unnoticed. If I get to link up with the Happies & Crappies again this week, they will probably ALSO make that post ;-)

      Love you!

  4. Woohoo I'm the 25th follower!!! I want that gift card! ;)

    1. YAYE!!!!!!!!! Thank you Meredith!! I just saw that you made me hit 25! I am about to do the post NOW about the giveaway. Make sure you get entered once it pops up!!!!


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