Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

So here is what our day has looked like...
My early bird couldn't wait for everyone to get up so she could open her Valentines {again...don't judge, we're getting as much use out of those Christmas jammies as we can}. Jamie left Clifford the Big Red Dog join her for breakfast.

Ms. I'm Too Big for a Nap slept in a little bit. But after she got up, she was excited!

Check out all that Valentine's Day loot: cards (from Mommy & Daddy, Mawmaw Susie, & Gree & Poppie), "tickets" (aka: dollar bills), Ice Age Contiental Drift, Life, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, & the next book for Kayla & Daddy to read: Little House in the Big Woods

The girls enjoyed the stickers from their Dora cards

Kayla was excited about her new puppy! She named it Little Ann (she & Daddy just finished Where the Red Fern Grows)

Jamie LOVED her new puppy too!

Jamie named her's Old Dan (she didn't read the book, but Kayla talks about them a lot).

Old Dan & Little Ann are going to be good buddies!

Look what I found at work!

That's what was in it
Ahhhhh....the ONLY materialistic thing I ask for as a gift for Valentine's Day: Chocolate Covered Strawberries. It's all I want for Valentine's Day, EVER!

I won a giveaway of Antoillier Chocolates from Laura B @ Walking In Memphis In High Heels & the basket arrived today. All I can say is O....M....Goodness!!!!!! They are YUMMY!

I am OFFICIALLY addicted!!!!!!
Speaking of giveaways, check this out: It's 25 Follower GIVEAWAY Time!
For lunch, we had our Office Valentine's Lunch at this yummy place!

I got the hubby a basket of some healthy snacks & his FAV candy (Reese's Cups) along with some fishing themed candy & a lure.

When we got home from work, our cards from Nonnie & Pappaw had arrived!!!!

The girls decided to make Mommy & Daddy some cards while Daddy cooked dinner.

Kayla (5-years-old) did Daddy's card (on the left) & Jamie (2-years-old) did Mommy's card (on the right)
I am thankful God curled Jamie's hair for me...I get it wet, & scrunch it up.

But Kayla did not get the curly hair, so I have to help out a little when she's wanting it curly. I'm not great at it, but I have plenty of time to practice.

All dolled up with lip gloss & everything, ready for Family Valentine's Date Night In

All dolled up with lip gloss & everything, ready for Family Valentine's Date Night In
Oh those girls have my heart!

The picked out the dresses they were wearing AND their shoes...they wanted me to get a pic of the shoes.

Candlelit dinner, all set for 4

The fur~babies even got a little something special for Valentine's Day

The girls plates (menu upon their request: mashed potatoes, bread, steak, broccoli, & carrots with ranch)

Daddy with his Little Valentines

Mommy with her little Valentines

Kayla's giving you all a heart (with her hands) for Valentine's Day

The girls were REALLY excited about a candlelit dinner! Kayla even asked if we could do it again tomorrow night.

My yummy plate!

So the girls had also requested corn, but it kind of got slipped over....nothing a can of Del Monte & 1.5 minutes in the microwave can't fix.

Kayla by candlelight

Jamie by candlelight

My view

After dinner, we started watching our new movie as a family (only not in 3D)
Kayla decided to stay all dressed up. She loves sitting with Daddy during family movie time.

Jamie loves sitting with Mommy

After we put the girls to bed, we watched one of our new's got some language, but MAN it is FUNNY!
I have to say, it's been a great day!
How was your Valentine's Day?


  1. It looks like you had an amazing Valentine's Day! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - your girls are beautiful!!

    Happy Valentine's Day friend!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass


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