Monday, February 18, 2013

My Weekend Shenanigans & Winner Winner the title is a little deceiving, cause we didn't really get into anything questionable or mischevious, but I like the word, so I went with it.
Well, it didn't start out as usual....
That little sweetheart started with the thick, green mucus & low-grade fevers on Thursday & it wasn't getting any better by Friday, so I took her to the doctor's office. She has another ear infection (Praise the Lord it's nothing more serious, but still makes me sad). She either came into contact with something new OR the last junk she had was penicillin resistent, went dormant while she was on it, & came back with a vengeance this time. So we've started a different antibiotic.
I worked some of the day.
Then we went out for a dinner where I didn't have to negotiate or beg anyone to focus on eating. My MIL kept the girls, so....
....the hubs & I went..... The Melting Pot. It's one of my FAV nice places to go. We don't go but every once in a while (I think it's been 2 years or so since we went last).

Our Spread

I got the Surf N Turf

I like condiments!

We got the Mojo Cooking style.

A little timer action to make sure we didn't under- or over-cook our stuff.
After I was stuffed, it was time for dessert! 
The Flaming Turtle

All the dippers

I love me some chocolate-covered strawberries!!!!!
We were going to go see a movie too, but there was no way I could stay awake through a movie that started at 9:45 {yes, I realize I'm getting old}.
A lot of relaxing happened since Kayla was not feeling well. We are firm believers of 24 hours fever-free before we expose ourselves to other people...we don't want to share our illnesses (sharing is not caring in this case) & our little immune systems are down & we don't want to get anything else.
We watched movies, some sports, & enjoyed some popcorn (don't worry, Bad Boys II was after the girls went to bed). Apparently I watched a little golf too, but that was through the back on my eyelids.
And the girls felt up to doing a little playing.
Gotta get our phone calls in!

If you can't fit in the car, why not ride on the car.

My lil thumb-sucking Jedi "so fresh and so clean" 

Another day of low-grade fever = another day of relaxing....well, Mommy got in a little workout, some straightening of the kitchen, & some laundry done too! Finally over the flu soreness (Praise the Lord!).
I had a Pinterest inspired breakfast (Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Toast) with my coffee this morning.

They have their moments where they argue, but I LOVE these moments when they want to be right beside each other!!!!

It looks like Barbie has moved her house accessories into our living room.

And of course what is a lazy day without some DS playing.
 Here's the overview of what we watched
While the big kids (aka adults) watched the TN Lady Vols, the little kids... to watch a movie in the big bed; & play DS of course!
And since I do watch a lot of Food Network, I'm not going to say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"! I have a winner on my 25 Follower Giveaway for this:
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  1. yum the melting pot is SO good!! looks like a nice weekend with the family! New Follower :)

    1. Heather, I agree Melting Pot is YUMMY!!!!! It was a nice relaxing weekend. Thank you for following & I've started following you now too. Can't wait to get to know you a little better through blogging!

  2. Looks like a fun date! I have always wanted to go to the melting pot

  3. I love the Melting Pot! It's so delicious :) Thanks for linking up, I appreciate it!

  4. Oh my goodness, your Melting Pot dinner looks fabulous!!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  5. Melting Pot = YUM-O!
    What a great weekend!!


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