Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Does Not Equal Funday Today

Guess what, y'all?!?!?!
Yep, that pretty much sums it up!
And I know you guys are just as sick of reading about our illnesses as I am about writing about them. But oh well, such is a blogger's life, you blog about what's going on. I think I would have some CRAZY cabin fever (if you know me, you know we don't sit at home much), but the girls & I were able to get out of the house today....more on that in a bit.
Before going to bed last night we got some snow! The flakes were so pretty & being the picture whore taker that I am, I wanted to get some on film. Now, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my camera!
It's an Olympus Tough TG-820. The thing is Shockproof AND Waterproof!!!! Those are some AWESOME features to me cause I'm clumsy & have 2 preschoolers (aka: we drop stuff a lot) & we are around water a lot.
However, I cannot figure out the setting when it comes to take pictures at night. I tried all kinds of settings to take pictures of those beautiful flakes & this is what I got:

Anyhow...I'll get it figured out one day. Never the less, we had a dusting of snow when we got up. This brought smiles to everyone's faces!

Since we were advised: if you have fever more than 5 days while on Tamiflu, come back to the PCP office; we loaded up & went.

Kayla still had a low-grade fever & was complaining of her throat hurting. Jamie had a low-grade fever, was complaining of her ears & throat hurting, & had cough something TERRIBLE last night. I think I got 4 hours of sleep last night & they were not consecutive.
So I have a question for ya: 
Is walking into the doctor's office like the miracle drug for your children? I swear, these 2 got some crazy energy the minute we walked in the door saying nothing hurt & they were all better. This is them playing under the exam bed in the room we were in. It was their house.
So even though this little sweet said only her throat was a little sore...
...she's got a secondary bacterial ear infection & got a antibiotic.
And this little cute... 
...also has a secondary bacterial ear infection along with some nasty crud in her chest. She got prescribed & antibiotic & had to do a breathing treatment to help break up that junk.

Although she kept telling me: Momma I don't wike {like} it; she was a total rock star & sat through the whole thing...Clifford by her side. She also got prescribed an albuterol inhaler along with a mask (cause when you're not 3 yet, you don't really do the inhaler thing too well without it having a mask to assist).
While we were waiting on our prescriptions to be filled, we went to Sonic for lunch & had a little treat.
Jamie had a Vanilla Shake, I had a Caramel Snickers Blast, & Kayla had a Chocolate Shake. I was only able to eat 1/2 my lunch cause this stinkin sickness has completely zapped my appetite & I was full, so I REALLY should not have ordered mine, but the thought of that cold going down my throat sounded heavenly. I was only able to eat 1/2 of it.
We got home in time for some quiet time & of course my cuddle buddy had to take her spot!

She's either saying "Mommie I still don't feel good" or "Mommie I'm not better yet". Poor thing.

Someone finally admitted that her ears hurt, but is being a champ & enjoying playing her DS & watching movies all day every day of this week. She's also enjoying not having to do her chores. However, she did tell us she wasn't too sick to give the dogs food & water.

And little Missy here did good with her at home breathing treatment. She said she likes it better. She's even asked to go ahead & do one...seeing as how her cough woke her up from nap & she keeps coughing, but we had 2 hours before we could do another one when she asked.
So, PLEASE tell me how your Friday & your weekend is going....I can live through your fun while we are staying cooped up in the house.
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