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The LONGEST Weekend Blog Post with Picture Overload

Hello all my Blogging Peeps! Did ya miss me???? You haven't heard from me since my last Weekend Shenanigans post. Don't worry....this will be a picture overload too ;-)
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Well, my weekend has been the LONGEST cause it technically started last Tuesday when I got off work....& I'm off again today. But there's a good reason for all my time'll see
Tuesday night
Since the girls school had to be closed on Feb. 13 & they were closed for President's Day, they got to celebrate their Valentine's Party on Wednesday (more on that in a minute). So Tuesday night we put together the favors for their friends. The girls got to pick what they gave & the saying. Jamie picked Fruit Roll-Ups with You are sweet & fun, all "rolled" into one, Valentine! Kayla picked Starburst with We're two of a kind, Valentine! The girls did an awesome job helping!
The girls knew I would be having a procedure on Wednesday & I would have to be on bedrest & take it easy. My Cuddle Buddy needed a little extra lovin' on Tuesday...she insisted on holding my hand.
It was procedure day!
I rocked out my Rachel's Rebels Shirt! I just love this shirt!
Oh, I guess my new followers need a little more info on Procedure day. I had SVT (superventricular tachycardia). In Tasha Terms: I have an extra wire in the electrical system of my heart. Almost all of us are born with one, but they are not usually an issue. Well, apparently mine got bored & decided to activate. My heart rate will go from 65 beats per minute to 247 in the blink of an eye, for no reason at all. These episodes are a little scary. There is a danger if it happens & I can't get it to stop, I could pass out. Not good when I'm alone with the girls OR driving. So far I've been able to stop these episodes. They were happening 1 every 2 months, then 1 a month, then we were to once a week. So my doctor went in through veins in my groin area for a non-invasive outpatient procedure called a cardiac ablation (Tasha Terms: they went in to freeze/burn my extra wire). I was supposed to have 48 hours of bedrest & then I get to resume life as normal (or so I thought...more on that in a minute). There is a 95% success rate that I will never have a problem with it again. I did 7 weeks of bedrest with Jamie, I think I can handle 48 hours. I was excited that it's happening & ready!
So I don't remember most of Wednesday or Thursday. But here are pictures that were taken for me & sent to me from the girls' Valentine's Day Party with captions:
Getting ready to party with friends!

Ice cream party!!

Kayla's been out a lot with our flu, ear infections with fever, & then the school being closed, so the caption I got with this one: So glad to be back at school!!

Mailbox decorating!!

Ice cream time!!!

Delivering valentines!!

Sweet sisters!!
So...yea, I don't remember most of this day....anesthesia & I don't get along so well.
My fur~babies did an EXCELLENT job keeping me company during my bedrest time.
The girls made me the SWEETEST Get Well cards, EVER!
And Kayla had her last cheer practice/party. My Mom was in town to help out so she took Kayla & took pictures for me...I LOVE how she understands my need for pictures to be taken. Here's what she got:

It looks like they had a GREAT time & I hate I had to miss it!
While Kayla was at her party
Someone decided to come keep me company in bed since I was starting to feel a little more human (anesthesia was finally wearing off).
Friday was another day of bedrest for me.
My lil sweetheart joined me for a little bedrest time. It brought back memories of my 7 weeks of bedrest during my pregnancy with Jamie. But I was BEYOND thankful this bedrest wasn't that long!

Some lil cutie joined me to watch The Smurfs movie in the big bed.
And I was finally with it enough to look at what the girls made us while they were at their Preschool Valentine's Party: 

I was finally off bedrest!!!!! Kayla had her last game of this basketball season to cheer at...& I thought since I was off bedrest, I was good to go! Again, I am thankful my Mom understands my need to have pictures taken.

Getting her trophy

Someone was surprised & TOTALLY stoked to get that trophy!

Jamie kept me company. Sooooo....I was off bedrest, but I was supposed to take it easy. Apparently my definition of take it easy & what I was really supposed to do are 2 different things. This completely wore me out. I was so out of it while I was there & zapped afterwards.

Kayla got a basketball ring & loved it!

She did not want to let go of that trophy!
Since I didn't take it easy enough on Saturday, I landed myself another day in the bed.

I got a visit from royalty while I was taking it easy.

Yes, I am a Southern Girl & I do watch's a Family Tradition. I usually watch the 1st several laps, take a nap, & then watch the last several laps. But I actually watched all of the Daytona 500. It was pretty cool cause Danica Patrick made all kinds of history being the 1st woman to hold the pole, lead a lap, & she even ran up there with the big boys in the top 10.

Jamie was missing Momma so much she was willing to watch the Grizzlies NBA game with me last night.
And today....since I'm technically still off work & on my weekend, I am just taking it easy. I am staying out of bed, but pretty much just sitting on the couch. The muscles in my groin area are sore, but I don't feel any pressure or soreness in my chest. Seriously just taking it easy today.


  1. The girls valentine treats were too cute! Hoping you're feeling back to 100% soon.

    1. Thank you! And I'm slowly but surely getting better.

  2. What a fun week! Hope you get feeling better very soon :)

    ♥ Talia


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