Friday, February 15, 2013

Crappies to Happies

Participating in a little link-up with Sarah @ Scissors & Whisk known as:
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Just like last time, I'll go from bad to good so I make sure {more for myself} that I am focusing on the positive things in my life.
~ Jamie broke her Piggie Bank
~ I offended someone with a Facebook status
~ I've been crazy busy at work
~ I procrasinated & didn't do any work on Thursday {since I used to work in a school system, my brain thinks holidays when you are at work = fun/party days}
~ I had to take Kayla to the doctor this morning cause she's running a low~grade fever & blowing thick, green junk out of her nose. She has another ear infection {she either came into contact with something new OR the last junk was penicillin resistent, went dormant while she was on that last antibiotic, & has now come back pissed off}
~ I had 9 boxes to deal with from UPS & FedEx when I did get to work today {still don't have them all dealt with, but hey, I gotta do a blog}
~ A file & some glasses just tried to attack me
~ I have 17 sets of lenses to cut when I come to work on Monday....that's 34 lenses, right? {shouldn't have been in fun day mode on Thursday}
~ The girls preschool had to close Wednesday, meaning they have to reschedule their Valentine's Day Party to next Wednesday & I can't go {see 1 of my happies as to why}
~ I hate shopping!
~ I have no nice clothes to wear
~ Gree had a Piggie Bank at her house that Jamie can now decorate to her own liking
~ I also helped someone with that same Facebook status
~ I got to meet with our Moms Bible Study Play Date Group
Lacey @ Charm & Sass hooked me up with my cute button {pimp it on your wall!}
~ My really sweet friend Krystal posted the sweetest Facebook status about your's truly
~ I won a giveaway of Antoillier Chocolates from a giveaway from Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels
~ I reached 25 followers & get to do a giveaway {& I've gain a couple of extra because of it}; feel free to enter it by clicking here
~ My cardiac ablation {minor, non-invasive heart procedure} has been rescheduled (previously post poned due to the flu) for February 20

~ I've lost down to my goal weight & my dress clothes (for Church & all things non-work related) are too big
~ I had a wonderful Valentine's Day & you can read all about it here
So what have been the ups & downs of your week?

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