Monday, February 11, 2013

Wrapping Up the Weekend with Picture Overload AND an Announcement

 Maybe I take a few too many pictures to participate in this link-up, but I thought I would try it anyway. If you want to link-up, just click on the button up there!
 WARNING: Potentional Picture Overload; but there IS an announcement in there {okay, for those of you who don't feel like looking at my serious overload of pictures...the announcement is with the last picture}!!!!!!
Friday Night
We did our Build Your Own Pizzas:
 To check out the details of how we usually do it, click here. We used biscuits as our crust this time. Had I know February 9 was Pizza Pie Day, we might have waited & done them on Saturday.
The girls tried this
Raw Green Bell Pepper
& they liked it! They didn't want it on their pizzas, but ate about a hand full of it diced.
After we ate our pizzas, we watched one of our FAV movies:
Okay, so mostly I watched it & they:

I know on  the weekend, most people sleep in, but I still get up at my usual time to spend time with God. It just makes my day go much better & I thoroughly enjoy strengthening my relationship with Him.

I decided to rock out my Rachel's Rebels long-sleeve t-shirt.
Rachel is one of my friends (who I do NOT spend enough time with) who is a breast cancer survivor. Rachel's Rebels are those of us who support her in the local Breat Cancer Awareness Walks. I haven't gotten to do one in a while, but hope to change that this year. I still show my support by buying & wearing my shirts though. They are usually so cute that I get the long-sleeve & short-sleeve edition.
When the girls finally rolled out of bed I got the girls up, we had Martha's Muffins with Momma.
Check out that fresh out of bed look {don't judge, we get good use out of our Christmas Jammies that Kayla has on}
As in the Martha White just add milk package kind. NOT that sweet Martha does a bad job; but one day I will think far enough ahead & make some muffins from scratch. This morning I was too busy enjoying my comfy/fuzzy socks:
 I live in the midsouth & it is said that if you don't like the weather around here, just wait a day, it will change. We enjoyed 65 about mid-week & I woke up to 30 this morning.
I was excited to find my sunglasses in my jacket pocket while I was gassing up!
And then we got a carwash:
The girls love watching all the colors mix together!

Kayla got to cheer with her squad at the basketball game (& of course Jamie & I tagged along):
Sweet Sisters

We cheered for the girls' game

Kayla was on the end of the front row right beside me

It's the Warrior Disco

Littles up front, Bigs in the back

Jamie watching the big girls cheer

Jamie shaking her caboose for "How Funky Is Your Chicken" Cheer


Go Warriors!

Littles in the back, Bigs in the front


Watching your big sister cheer can sometimes make you feel worn out!

Afterwards we did our usual trip to Sonic for lunch, quick Krogering trip for dinner supplies, & then home for nap time. Kayla thinks she is about too old for naps, but we still have her do some rest time in her bed so she'll have some down time. I told them if they took a good nap, we would do something fun when they got up. Well, it worked! Both girls napped & then we headed to the local slide park!

She was too scared to jump off that alone, so she was waiting on me to grab her hands.

Check out the stactic in that hair!!!!!!!!

Kayla was placing her food order.
After we had fun at the slide park,
 we had homemade tacos (one of my FAV meals to fix)

Jamie asked to eat lettuce, without having to have it dipped in ranch

Kayla loves eating tomatoes!

The girls & I got all dolled up....
...& headed to church.
After church, of course comes lunch. We had plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings cause I'm jonesin' for some wings, but that didn't happen. So we just did a quick drive-by: 

There are a few healthy options of the menu for those of us paying attention to calories.
And then we had a lazy relaxing afternoon/evening which included comfy/fuzzy socks...
...& jammies 
I am still sore in my back & stomach muscles from the flu that I've been over for about a week now, so I decided to indulge a little after the girls went to bed: 
Well, that about wraps it up. How was your weekend?

Okay, so now on to what most of you have been waiting for: I am only 5 followers allow from 25 on Google Friend Connect (GFC). I said once I hit 25, I would do a GIVEAWAY. When the girls & I went Krogering, I got the prize:
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  1. Woohoo, can't wait for you to hit 25 and please check out my post today. There is an announcement for you! = )

  2. What a full/fun weekend! The cheerleading is too much. How cute!
    So close to 25. Can't wait for your giveaway!

    1. Thank you SO much! It was DEFINITELY a great weekend! I'm about as excited about this giveaway as I was to win one!!!!


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