Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday Blessings

Good Tuesday Morning!

Monday was.....a typical Monday at work. But there are so many blessings in it!!!!!

One of my best friends (Jessica) won tickets to the Jason Aldean concert for Thursday night. You're probably thinking, okay Tasha what does that have to do with you??? Well, I got this text yesterday morning:

I am truly honored that she asked!!!!! And.....I AM GOING!!!! So yea, my mind was a little preoccupied on top of us being busy & all my lab work cutting lenses.
Lunch was yummy Mexican food. It was in a different county though....LOL! If you know where I live, you know that there is no shortage of Pizza or Mexican food around us.

After work, Gree brought the girls to me & the hubs. Recap: Do you remember when I told you Kayla had gone to Bring a Friend to Dance Night with her friend HG??? Well, since she feel in love with it & this studio is SO much closer than the tumbling one, the girls attended their last tumbling class on Thursday & became dance students on Monday!!!! Jamie was EXCITED!!!!


AND, she has friends from school in dance class with her!!!!

(Yes, Jamie is the shortest one & yes, you recognize a few of the girls from the Party Animals Weekend post I did yesterday)

After Jamie's class, we all grabbed some grub at Lenny's & hung out till it was time for Kayla's class. 

We love Lenny's!

Of course she was VERY EXCITED for her dance class too!!!

(Yes, that's HG in the background)

What were the blessings from your Monday?

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