Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Break 2013 & More Daily Blessings

Well Good Thursday Afternoon to You! Here's your Thursday Daily Blessings picture:
Kayla ha her class pictures today so we tried to go a little stylish. After all the positive comments we've gotten on the outfit, I may put her in the same thing & actually curl her hair for individual pics...what do you think???

WOW, we left for Fall Break one week ago today & I am just now posting about it...what the hey!?!?!?!


After everyone got out of school & off work last Thursday, we headed to Nonnie & Pappaw's (aka: my parents) house on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs (AR).
We had Thursday evening through Monday morning there.
We were able to do some relaxing......

I just love the view from their back patio:
Ya know, some days are just better with your tiara & your tutu!

We got to enjoy some time with our friends watching the Hogs, tossing the football.....

....& just hanging out.

I don't know...I was just fascinated with this bubble!
We enjoy feeding the ducks that hang out in the cove.

And of course, playing outside is always a blast!


It was a great visit!
Monday we loaded up & headed back:

We stopped by Hooters for lunch. We tried sitting out on the patio cause the weather was awesome for it.....

....; but you get the best service when sitting inside, so we moved.
Then it was off to the Halloween store for costumes.

Now, you would think from looking at this picture that Jamie is suspicious. But it's actually Kayla who is on the verge of tears cause she does not like the scary/spooky stuff. Jamie is actually just too focused on the costumes she saw behind me to look at the camera OR smile for the picture.
One of Kayla's newest friends (HG) attends dance in a town about 12 minutes from our house. Monday night was Bring a Friend to Dance Night & HG invited Kayla.

Both girls were very excited!!!!!
Since Jamie wasn't able to attend, I took her for an ice cream treat at "The Right Place".

The dance studio does offer classes for Jamie's age, but she wasn't invited. She was totally okay with that it provided her & I a little special time together.
Tuesday brought a Happy Happy Happy girl ready to return to school:

And I got to make a trip to Backermann's Bakery for some lunch meat & goodies.....that place smells SOOOOOO very yummy!!!! They bake their own breads & desserts!

But I should really learn to eat BEFORE I do my shopping there. I had pretty good self-control this time though.
Tuesday evening Gree, Poppie, Tammy, & James came over for a fresh fish dinner. It was yummy & we all enjoyed our visit!!!!!
Wednesday was Wear Brown Day for Kayla....& Jamie always wants to wear a dress!

After school & work, we all had dinner together before the girls & I headed to our church activities. They absolutely love their time in Mission Friends & Church Preschool Choir. I am not able to do any walking/running yet due to the toenail removal (more on this when I blog about WIN & WOW), so I went to the Ruth Women's Bible Study. The study is by Kelly Minter & it is awesome!!!! I find myself wanting to do the work for it outside of the class time and WANTING to read my Bible more!!!!!
So what have you been up to? What do you honestly think about the outfit repeat for individual pictures mentioned above? Leave your comments & let me know!

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