Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Through Tuesday Blessings

Good Wednesday Morning Afternoon Folks!!!! It's Pink Day for Kayla's class so the girls are all decked out this morning:

So I got to blog every day last week; but this week hasn't provided the same timing. So hang on folks; it's a long ride this morning!
Weekend Shenanigans
Yes, I missed the link up; but I'm telling you what happened anyway! Do you remember from Thursday Blessings & Muffins with Mom that I got to go to Muffins with Mom at Kayla's school?

It was such a wonderful time with my big girl!
While I was enjoying special time with Kayla, Jamie was getting time with special people in our life too.....Nonnie & Pappaw!
That was the Thursday Blessing I told you I would tell you about later. They came over for the weekend!!!!
Friday afternoon, we got to go to Kayla's school to watch the Pep Rally.
Pappaw, Jamie & Nonnie

Me & Jamie
Kayla was excited to spot us in the crowd!

Viking Buddies were announced in front of the whole school. Kayla LOVES having Ms. Julia as her Viking Buddy!
All of the Little Viking Cheerleaders who attended Cheerleader Day Camp got to do some cheers & dancing at the Pep Rally:

Pre-K & Kindergarten won the Spirit Stick & they were so excited!!!!! 

Kayla's class (those who hadn't left already) with the Spirit Stick.
After some down time at the house, it was time for everyone to get ready to go cheer on our Viking Football Team.
These 2 were excited that we sat right in front of the cheerleaders!!!! I don't think they took their eyes off of them during the game:

Nonnie, Jamie, Gree, Kayla, Daddy (Hubs), & Pappaw
Poppie wasn't there cause he was manning the meat at the BBQ Competition in Corinth, MS that our BBQ Team was competing in....more on that in a bit.

At halftime, the Little Viking Cheerleaders who attended Cheerleader Day Camp got to do a few cheers & a dance: 

Not only is Ms. Julia Kayla's Viking Buddy, she is a senior this year & on the Color Guard. She also babysits for us & both girls absolutely LOVE her! 
 Kayla's newest Best Friend is HG. They're in the same class & I hear about playing with her often. Well, HG also has a little sister Jamie's it looks like we can have some fun play dates & Jamie won't feel left out!!!!
 These girls had so much fun at the game!!!!!
While we were chilling at the house on Friday night, we had a little visitor: a flying squirrel!
Saturday, Jamie woke up really congested, so Nonnie, Pappaw, the girls, & I just chilled at the house & watched movies.
Now, more about the BBQ Competition in Corinth, MS!!!! So as you know, Poppie was manning the meat while we were all at the football game on Friday night. After the halftime performance, the Hubs & Gree headed back down to Corinth. One of our other team members was able to join them & the competition was very successful for our team!!!!
Ghost River Smoke-A-Holics Results
6th place in Chicken
2nd in Ribs
1st in Pork
1st in Brisket

That means that we are now able to compete in the Invitation Only Kansas City American Royal Grand Championship in 2014!!!! You can only compete in the American Royal if you have won a Grand at a sanctioned Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) competition. It was also very exciting for us because this is the 3rd time we have competed in this competition and our 3rd time to win Grand Champion!!!!!

Sunday, Jamie woke up still really congested & her cough was getting worse. So we stayed home from church.

Which allowed for some movie time & play/dress-up time as they felt up to it.

Sunday did bring an exciting event for Kayla:
The Viking Buddy Picnic!!!!
Kayla & I got to join Ms. Julia for a picnic at school. We ate & they exchanged gifts. Kayla loved her new bear!!!!!
Then they played games (Big Buddies vs. Little Buddies): 

Sunday evening I got a sweet note from my friend over at Kaitlyn's Crazy Life. I got a mention on her blog!!!! It was too sweet.
Monday Blessings

Kayla was excited about PE Day....& Jamie was not feeling better at all! Her symptoms were all getting worse, so she did not go to school......

.....instead, I took her to the doctor's office. And the verdict: she has croup & allergy problems (meds for both). BUT I'm thankful there's no fever (which means we're not contagious), no strep (tested to make sure it was cleared up from a couple of weeks ago), & no ear infections (which she usually gets when she's this congested.
I got to go to my Fitness Boot Camp on Monday!!!!!

Tuesday Blessings
Jamie didn't have school so she slept in; but here's Kayla's Good Morning picture:

And this is how I felt on Tuesday morning:

Tuesday afternoon, I was able to laugh at myself........

.....and here's the back story: Soooooo.....I have had a toenail that has been partially (not even a fourth of it) separating from my toe for a few years. I damaged the nail bed in 1999 by dropping a frozen rack of ribs on it. Over the last few months, it's been separating a little more & more. When I was in the shower Monday night, my washcloth caught it & separated half of the whole nail from my toe, down to the cuticle (which I'm thankful it didn't hurt!!!). I went to my PCP that afternoon to get it looked at & taken care of cause the LAST thing I needed/wanted was for it to rip all the way off getting snagged on something cause it was still connected to the toe for almost half of the nail. I wanted to go to a podiatrist, but I couldn't be seen for 2 weeks & I didn't want to snag it before then. They decided it needed to be removed & right AFTER it was removed & they were talking about seeing new nail growth already. I told them I felt light-headed & like I was about to pass out. They QUICKLY put ice on me & kept checking my blood pressure....which was down around 70/50. After 30-45 minutes of ice & relaxing, I was back to myself & laughing about it with a bandaged toe. Apparently I thought they needed a little excitement in their life.
So how has your life been since Friday morning?????

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