Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday's Blessings

Good Morning! I've decided since I am getting to blog each morning after I've taken the daily Good Morning Picture, I'll give you that morning's picture instead of the day before. But since you didn't get yesterday's pic, here ya go:
Since it was Wednesday, I got to get BOTH of my girls!!!!

Here is this morning's pic:
Some sweet little girl is EXCITED that it's PE day AND that she is wearing a belt!!! I used to have such a hard time getting her to wear any shorts or pants made of blue jean material....until I gave her a belt. Now there's no trouble at all!

I was greeted with this on my screen yesterday, didn't we just do a software update a few weeks ago?? Not complaining here at all cause technology is a good thing!!!! I'm just wondering why another one so quickly.

Yesterday morning was also exciting because my father-in-law (FIL) sends out a text letting us know he would be on Go Jim Go. Each year since 2006, one of our local meterologist, Jim Jaggars, rides his bike 333 miles (he works for News Channel 3) across the Mid-South raising money for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Throughout his ride, Jim stops at schools & businesses to collect money that has been raised. My FIL works for Carrier Cooporation out of Collierville & their affiliation raises money. Well, Jim stopped by to get the goods & FIL made it on TV! He's in the background, in the middle, white guy with dark blue shirt & gray hair.

I made a decision yesterday.....I have 2 kettlebells but am not strong enough yet to workout with but 1 at a time. As I said yesterday in Not My Usual, I'm working on shaping up & part of that means strengthening. So I took the one that I don't use at home to work.
And I have a confession to make: I've become addicted to the game Candy Crush. Now you're probably wondering what these 2 things have in common....well I've decided that in order to play a series of lives in Candy Crush, I have to either workout with my kettlebell OR do a series of sit-ups. This means I need both options at home & work. So if ya see me playing, ask me which of my exercises I did to earn the right to play. I'm serious! Call me out on it accountability folks & everyone else!

The excitement of yesterday was not just in the morning, it continued throughout the day!!! Or maybe I'm just truly trying to open my eyes to each of the blessings in my life & blessings = excitement to me!

The girls & I were finally all recovered from our illnesses enough to participate in our usual Wednesday night activities. This means dinner at McDonald's (not my FAV place but it's between work/home & our Church) with friends. For the girls, this means Mission Friends & Preschool Choir at Church. For me it means I get some workout time. Most Wednesdays, I get to have a friend who also has 2 daughters around the girls' ages (we all also attend Church together & the girls school together) join me for a good, sometimes long walk. Last night was one of those nights!!!! We'll call her BF not only cause she's one of my Best Friends, but also because those are her initials (& I haven't asked her permission to use her name on here). Here's what we did:

BF's hubs is our Chruch's Interim Youth Director. She also enjoys spending time with the youth. So we only did 45 minutes of the 2 hour time frame the girls have activities so she could go enjoy time with the youth. This meant I had time; & when I have time, I try to get in a run/walk. So I did! This was my plan:

For me, that was 4.99 miles in 55 minutes with an average of 6 mph, a 10 minute mile. That's an exciting thing to me!!!!

What were your excitements & blessings from Wednesday?

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