Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday's Blessings & Muffins with Mom

Good Fantastic Friday!
Kayla's all excited that it's Library Day, Game Day, & Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day at her school!!!

This Blog Post is a 2-for-1 cause I don't want to put the 2nd part off till after the weekend or double post today (don't know if I would get the chance).

Thursday's Blessings
Kayla was very excited to take her Viking Buddy gift to school for Ms. Julia!

When we came home for lunch, I discovered this beautiful bunch of flowers. I just love flowers & I'm glad there are some that continue to bloom even after the Spring & Summer. Don't they look a little like a heart??

Usually Gree picks the girls up from school. But every once in a while, I get the privilege to enjoy this little blessing!!! Getting to hear the excitement of their day fresh out of school is so much different than hearing it hours later (when the excitement has died down).

When we got home, we were excited to find that there was a special delivery in Kayla's backpack......
....Kayla's card from her Viking Buddy. Kayla blessed us with also reading almost every word on her own (she only had to have help with one).

Thursdays bring Tumbling for these 2 lil cuties & they love it!!!!

This Thursday also brought us other blessings, but I'll talk about those on Monday's Weekend Shenanigans post.

Muffins with Mom
This morning I was invited to a very special breakfast at Kayla's school!!!!
We got all ready for our day & headed out.
For a little bit while we were waiting on everyone to come in, she sat with her friends & was excited to wave at her friends who are in grades older than her.
Then she came & sat with me. I enjoyed this special time with her!
Ms. Rita (the elementary school principal) welcomed all of us & thanked us for sharing our children with them. Then we had a prayer to bless our food.
This is Ms. Kelly. She is the one who started Muffins with Mom as a special time for the students to get to eat breakfast with their moms at school.
Ms. Kelly also explained to us that she took time with each of the students at the breakfast (Kindergarten through 2nd grade...I think) to find out special things they like about their Mom. She would write (or have the student write) these things on the back of a muffin. I loved my Muffin from Kayla!
I gave Kayla the choice to sit in the bleachers to eat or to sit on the floor. She asked me to please sit in the floor with her, so of course I did.
And since it is Cinnamon Roll Day, Kayla & I were excited there were mini cinnamon rolls to enjoy!
Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the school, the cheerleaders were selling pink ribbon tattoos today & Kayla wanted one.
Up close of the front of my muffin:
What Kayla said she thought was special about me:
Thursday was such a blessing & Muffins with Mom was such a special time with Kayla!!!!
Tell me about your Thursday Blessings!

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