Friday, March 1, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me?

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Holy COW! I've been so crazy busy trying to get back into the swing of things post cardiac ablation that I haven't gotten to blog until NOW. {CRAPPY} <--And as random as it's been, they'll be labeled like this instead of in lists today (cause some of the can be part crappy & part happy).
Apparently you should dress like a princess to play with/in the castle. {HAPPY}
I got to add to Kayla's Preschool Keepsakes this week! {HAPPY}

still have this CRAZY bruise on my arm post cardiac ablation (the picture does not do the bruise justice). {CRAPPY} cause there are 9 little wholes leading to this bruise & the 1st IV they tried to do on the back of my hand HURT the whole time it was in. But, this is a {HAPPY} cause the little wholes all happened while I was taking my induced nap, & it's the only bruising I have from the ordeal!

I'm hosting a Thirty-One PARTY & I got my Host Packet this week! It's a catalog/online party so you don't actually come to my house. We are also doing a 30-minute live event on Facebook called Purses & PJs Party! It's a fun, fast, and easy alternative to the boring ol' catalog party! Join in the fun right here on Facebook one evening after the kids have gone to bed. We check out Thirty-One products in our PAJAMAS!!! It's a 30 minute virtual party featuring videos of my sweet consultant demonstrating the most popular products and answering questions. If you want more info, just let me know so we can become friends on Facebook. Then,  I'll invite you to the event & to join the party, just click "attend!" Don't worry, we'll remind you when it gets closer to party time. :) If you can't make the party live, please let me know & I can help you with your order or we'll get in touch with my consultant! And if you're already familiar with our ordering process, you can order online at starting Friday! This is ALL a {HAPPY}!!!!
I got my hair done this week! {HAPPY}

This girl is loving being read to....we are currently reading "Pippi Longstocking". We read 1/2 a chapter to a whole chapter each night at bedtime. {HAPPY}

This happened yesterday! {HAPPY}

I got to do these with the girls last night! {HAPPY}

In my efforts to shape up, I found this online. I have created a Facebook event for it. If you want more info, just let me know so we can become friends on Facebook. Then, I'll invite you to the event. I personally need the accountability!  {HAPPY}

And for a little extra motivation, I took a before picture last night of my abs. {CRAPPY}


  1. I would love to do the six pack abba with you!! :)

    1. I'm Tasha Sunshine Reeves on Facebook. You can either find me or tell me how to find you. You can also email me at if you don't want to list it here.

    2. Ok. I just ask you to be my friend!! :) :)

    3. I added you as a friend AND invited you to the event....THANK YOU for joining in with us! I do so much better when I'm being held accountable to the public.

    4. Your welcome. I am too!! I also put you in my post today. So check it out. :)

    5. AWwwwww......thanks for the shout out!!!!!!!!


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