Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dentist & Beautiful Smiles

Kayla was VERY excited to have her first EVER dentist appointment on Tuesday. I prayed she would have a good experience & learn to love going as much as I do & not get stressed/anxious like her Daddy does. This prayer was DEFINITELY answered! I just LOVE the feeling after the dentist &, in case you haven't noticed, I LOVE to smile....& laugh.
Can you tell from that smile that she is REALLY excited to be there?!?!?!
I had my appointment scheduled for the same time so she could watch what would happen first. In case you haven't spent much time with Kayla, she's a child that likes to be prepared (this is where I used to say, she's a child that you HAVE to prepare for things & how they are going to happen; but again, our God is an awesome God & He has helped Kayla mature in this area). Kayla talked to our hygentist through my WHOLE cleaning & check-up.

So after I was all finished (I got a 100 A+ by the way...yaye me), it was Kayla's turn.
She was a little apprehensive; NOT about anything going to happen in her mouth, but about the chair being laid back. So....

...she had Mommy hold her hand; for PART of the ride, then she said: I got this.

AGAIN, she was REALLY excited!

She was excited about her "bib" because "it has purple spots on it, your favorite color, Momma."

Mary Sue (our hygentist) let her pick out the animal head brush that was going to be used to "tickle" (aka: clean) her teeth.

Kayla learned that she has 10 teeth on top & 10 teeth on bottom (afterall, what's a trip to the dentist wihtout a little education).

Then she had her teeth "tickled" by the tiger (picked because it is orange....Kayla's favorite color).

Then water was squirted in her mouth to wash the strawberry-flavored (Kayla's choice) toothpaste off of her teeth.

Then "Mr. Thirsty" sucked the water out of her mouth

The she had her teeth flossed.

Dr. Katie counted her teeth too....AND (another teaching opportunity) taught her that her 10 teeth on top & 10 teeth on bottom = 20 total teeth in her mouth.

Mary Sue painted on some flouride & we were ready to go.

BUT, not without making a stop by the Prize Board for being such a great patient!

Kayla picked the Vampire teeth because of Halloween.

She HAD to have her picture with her goodies....toothbrush (orange of course), flosser, & "travel" (aka: sample) toothpaste.

They ALSO let her pick out a new toothbrush for Jamie, which Kayla HAD to have her picture made with since she picked it out.

And in case you hadn't noticed, those vampire teeth were orange.

Then she HAD to call Nonnie (my Mom) & tell her all about it.

And we had lunch at Olympic....just the 2 of us. We don't do this (just time with her & me) near as much as we should. I think I should start doing this with each her & Jamie once a month or so.
Wednesday was Picture Day at Preschool. The girls decided to wear dresses & of course, Mommy HAD to take pictures of their beautiful smiles. We have a solid brown wall & solid yellow wall in our house that I alternate taking pictures in front of. I decided to let them pick this time. Of course they didn't pick the same we did BOTH!

In front of the brown wall....

....and in front of the yellow wall.

Jamie's hair is naturally curly (I don't know how else to fix it except get it wet & scrunch it up).

I curled Kayla's hair for the occassion & she LOVED it!
They are growing into such sweet little girls with BEAUTIFUL smiles!

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