Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Multi-tasking Momma

So, I've ALWAYS been a multi-tasker....you know, doing multiple things at once or killing two birds with one stone. But I'm noticing I do it A LOT as a Mom. My latest display was tonight. I needed to go get some groceries & the girls needed to eat AND I needed everyone in bed t a decent time (work/school night); I needed the girls to be contained & I needed to take the groceries in the house. So I pulled through McDonalds, got the girls their request, & we headed across the street to Kroger. The girls ate while I shopped (I didn't think to take a picture but will the next time....cause yes, I do this OFTEN). Plus, my cleanup was as we were walking out the door (just drop it all in the trash can). And before some of you ask: YES, if they drop food, I pick it up.

To cover the second multi-tasking of the night: the girls were jamming out to one of their FAV CDs in my SUV while I took groceries in (see pic I QUICKLY snapped).

Another example is happening now...both girls need a quiet/calm down time & Jamie prefers a bath while Kayla prefers a shower. So Jamie is getting her bath while Kayla watches TV. When I get Jamie out, she'll have her TV/calm down time while Kayla has her shower. Then we'll do bedtimes. Usually Daddy takes care of the shower while I do the bath, but he has to help with post-cook camper clean-up; so this is what I do when I'm flying solo.

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