Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a mostly fun weekend around our house.
I got a chance to go to Jessica Parks's house for a Pampered Chef Party. The consultant was fun & the group of ladies Jessica had show up were fun too. I hate I didn't get an updated picture of Jessica & me (it's been TOO long). But I DID get a picture of a sign she has put up in her house. I LOVE it (given my middle name & all).
When I posted the picture on Facebook, I said that Jessica thought of me every time she looked at her TV (hehe)...I really do like the saying though.
While I was at Jessica's house, Daddy & the girls had a fun evening together! While we were at The American Royal, we told the girls if they were good for Nonnie (my Mom) we would get them a surprise. Well, of course they were so we got them a new movie.
And they watched it with Daddy while I was gone. They also baked cookies....
...peanut butter cookies with strawberry icing.
The girls & I met Jessica & her Mom (Tammy Parks) at Ames Plantation for the Heritage Festival. It was a REALLY interesting festival & the girls (& I) enjoyed learning about how things worked "back in the day". I've already posted all the pictures on Facebook so I won't repost them all here; but I will hit some of the highlights.
Excited about their 1st bus ride from the parking lot to the Festival!
Kayla milking the goat

Jamie milked the goat....but wouldn't get close without a little help from Mommy

They LOVED this bird dog puppy! And it loved them too. I think they would have spent their whole day there if I would have let them.

Jamie checking out her leaf pounding artwork

Kayla showing off her leaf pounding artwork
Watching the man make a broom

We spent A LOT of time at the pottery display.....they liked it too!

Checking out the alpacs were fun too! They were SOFT!
Here's when the not so fun happened. Jamie started a cough that sounded like she is hacking up a lung, literally. She would cough every 15 minutes. She started crying around 3:30am cause her throat was hurting so bad. I rocked her till about 4:15.

This is what her monitor looked like every 15 minutes every time she was in her bed. I felt SO BAD for her!

I learned on Pinterest that marshmellows were originally developed to help sooth a sore throat....so Jamie got to have them for snack on Sunday. I don't know if it TRULY helped or not cause when you're 2, you'll say anything feels good if it tastes good. I will put this to the true test next time I have a sore throat.

In a few of her moments when she would get up & not just lay around, she helped me with the never-ending laundry that happens in a house with 2 adults & 2 preschoolers.

But we spent MOST of our day in our jammie~jams (with an added dress-up costume) watching movies....

...until it was time for the football games that the adults wanted to watch. Then the girls got to move to the big bed to watch TV. This is not something that happens every day so they feel special when they get to do it.
It WAS a fun weekend with activities AND some needed R & R.

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