Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wings & Hunting

Wow....2 posts in 1 day. What's that?!?!
When we got off work today, we picked up my car, grabbed the girls, & hit the road. I had to have a headlight fixed on my SUV (which we discovered was out Sunday evening about 10 minutes before I got pulled over....but the REALLY NICE police officer did not give me a ticket).
When we got to the house, I found two little girls who were all dolled up & ready to go.
Pose in front of yellow wall I use for backdrop

Pose in front of brown wall I use for backdrop
We loaded up & headed out.

She is becoming such a big girl....able to buckle herself MOST of the times we get into the vehicle.
We got to one of our FAV places to eat....
...and took our regular dinner out seating arrangements.

 Kayla with Daddy on one side of the table

Jamie with Mommy on the other side of the table
 What's going out to eat with kids without a little table entertainment...

Kayla REALLY concentrates on staying in the lines when she colors

Jamie found a TV to watch....

....but not for long cause she HAD to color too!

Yummy wings (Spicy Garlic & Jalapeno Lime)

More yummy wings (Asian Zing....my personal FAV).

Jamie picked chicken strips with oranges (she was too busy eating them for me to take a picture of them)

And Kayla went with a cheeseburger (with ketchup only) & carrots

More entertainment as Kayla sings to us...

...and dances for us. Yes, I realize it IS dangerous to let her dance with food in her mouth; but she was just doing a little swaying back & forth (nothing TOO exciting).

Jamie will eat almost anything when you allow her to dip it in Ranch. She tought Kayla's carrots tasted good, so we got her her own order....which of course she dipped in Ranch.
Jamie shared some of her carrots with Kayla since Kayla had shared with her first. I pray this carries out through their life. They are pretty good at it MOST of the time; but come on, they ARE siblings.

Kayla thought it was REALLY funny that the wipes had a smell....

...but she LOVED the smell!
After dinner, Daddy & I were going hunting for a few things at Bass Pro Shops.

Kayla decided they HAD to have their picture made with the buck at the front. She also insisted on touching it (wow, we have come SO FAR over the years...God is good!). While Jamie REALLY didn't even want to be close to the deer.

We started out with both girls in/on one cart....however this never lasts long cause Kayla gets tired of hanging on.

Mommy found the things she was hunting: a new wallet cause I busted mine trying to put the checkbook in it with all my wallet stuff AND a checkbook cover cause the checkbook won't fit in the wallet.

Once Kayla was ready, she got her own cart. It works better when they are needing their personal space AND when we have 2 adults shopping. Jamie was SO excited to find Kayla in the aisle after they had been separated (for less than 2 minutes). I LOVE the relationship they are forming!!!!

Getting Eskimo kisses from Jamie

Love my baby girl (who is calling Kayla, Daddy, where are you? cause they have gotten out of her sight again).

We found them, & I HAD to get some Eskimo kisses from Kayla.

LOVE my big girl!

Jamie LOVES that my watch has a button she can push & it lights up. I don't usually let her get away with doing it too much; but it's a true treat for her when I do.

If I ever get a bow to hunt with, THIS is the release I want!

The ONLY spider we don't scream around & will get close to.

We got there a little too late for our girls to participate (since we have preschool tomorrow); but Bass Pro is having Great Pumpkin time (area set up for pictures & coloring & stuff for kids).
FYI: Daddy found everything he was hunting for too.

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