Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Small Step for Most Moms, One Giant Leap for THIS Mom

Okay...let me just say I know most of you will laugh at me on this one cause I accomplished something that is one small step for most moms, but one GIANT leap for THIS mom! And I'm okay with that!
As many of you know, Kayla & Jamie are in a Mother's Day Out Program (in this house aka: Preschool). Tomorrow is Halloween & there is a PARTY! I usually sign up for chips or drinks/juice boxes when it comes to school parties. And when I've gotten assigned something a little more involved (it requires a little more than me just buying chips or "the boxes"), I either ask my mother-in-law to do it or pay someone to do it for me. For tomorrow's party, I got given the option of bringing cupcakes or cookies; & I picked cupcakes.
Now, if we are friends on Facebook, you may have seen that I have recently decided to get crafty & make something for the girls for Christmas. Well this whole domestic/crafty/creative feeling is starting to spill over into other things. I decided to MAKE cupcakes for tomorrow. So I loaded up the girls after I got off work & we headed to the store for the "stuff" we needed.
As previously posted, I am a multi-tasking Momma so I have NO shame in getting the girls dinner to eat while I'm getting my shopping done. It keeps them focused on eating instead of the "I want's" & they are distracted enough I can stay focused on my shopping list.
We got our goods...
...and headed home. Now, you are probably thinking: Tasha, you just bought a box...you didn't REALLY make those cupcakes. Yes, I cheated by using a box; but REMEMBER, I normally wouldn't even go this far. I WILL work my way up to making homemade cupcakes, but I'm taking baby steps here.
I saw on Pinterest (I am LOVING that site & app)...
...a really cool tip & I thought I would try it.
You're to turn the oven down from 350 to 325 right after putting the cupcakes in & bake them for 25 mintues. Apparently, it is supposed to give you beautifully-risen cupcakes. I thought: hey, why not try it?!?!?! Worst case senerio my cupcakes will turn out flat like they always do.
Well, I tried it, and....
...IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! Now, I know I've got to work on filling all my cups to equal heights; but I'll work on that next time. I was just REALLY excited they didn't come out flat!
Not ONLY did I bake cupcakes instead of just buying them, I ALSO put my own icing on....AND, I did it with a decorative thingy, instead of just slapping it on with a knife....AND, I added the Halloween sprinkles that I would have normally pretended would have not been there.
For me....I think they turned out pretty good. So, let me hear ya laugh & share your tips with me since I am REALLY wanting to start doing all this domestic/crafty/creative stuff.


Thank you SO much for checking out my post. I will try my hardest to reply back to everyone that comments.