Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make a Little Drive.....SO Worth It!

Have you EVER been there????
I'm talking about a little place down Hwy 64....
....go through Somerville....
...and it's......
....right before you get to Whiteville.
Backermann's Bakery Sign (don't pass it without stopping)
It is SO TOTALLY worth the drive!!!!
BUT, this post comes with a warning! Do NOT go in there if you are hungry! You will HAVE to pray to God for strength to not buy AT LEAST one of every fresh baked good they have on the shelf once you walk into the door. OR if you DO go in hungry, go STRAIGHT to the meat counter & order a sandwich. Today we went there for lunch & to get some goodies for the house. I had the Buffalo Chicken Breast with Smoked Bacon Cheddar Cheese, mustard, & pickles on their FRESH BAKED Rosemary Garlic Bread. I also had some "Dirty" Mesquite BBQ Chips. It was ALL so yummy!
THEN, I did a little shopping (with a prayer for strength) for goodies to stock the house. We got some deli meat, bread, hoop cheese, & OF COURSE, a package of...

...their FRESH BAKED Monster Cookies. YES, I HIGHLY recommend placing them on the front dash to warm up for a few miles before having one as dessert to your lunch!


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    1. Anytime you guys want a lunch date there; I am MORE THAN WILLING to head that way ;-)


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