Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fayette Academy Fall Festival

We went to the Fayette Academy Fall Festival tonight & there were all kinds of activities for the kids to play. Although most of them were too advanced for Jamie & most of them too much so for Kayla, they still had A BLAST. We just did what we could to point them in the appropriate direction. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but I got a few. I think the most exciting thing for Kayla was seeing kids & adults that she already knows...friends & teachers from her previous & current preschool. This event was held at her future school, so I can't wait to see how excited she gets to see even more people in the years to come.
Jamie was dancing when we first walked in cause she LOVES music!

Kayla was REALLY excited to be there!

Kayla got a glitter Ladybug Tattoo

Check it out...Mommy's FAV color!

Jamie got her face painted...

...& requested a butterfly on ONE cheek instead of on her whole face.

Jamie digging for treasure

She LOVED playing in the blue sand & was more into playing in it than actually trying to find her treasure.

While Jamie was digging for treasure; Kayla was doing something WAY FUN: sliding down the inflatable slide. I missed this photo opportunity. This is a NEW adventure for us as Kayla grows & learns a little more independence. In years past when she has seen inflatable things, she has held back due to the size of the thing & the number of people on it. But NOT this time (excited Mommy moment)!
Then Kayla decided to throw a pie in our down-the-road neighbor's face
Mr. Matthew Armour taking Kayla's pie to the face

Kayla was VERY excited about her direct hit!
Jamie decided to hang on to her treasure from the sand (Halloween Duckie) & watch the pie throwing from a distance. She wasn't sure about this throwing a pie at someone's face.
After the Fall Festival, we made a quick stop by Sonic in Somerville & headed to the house....

...for some chillaxin & relaxin.
Overall I would say we had a fun evening. What kind of activities do you & your family participate in for Fall/Halloween?


  1. I wish I would have known about this! I will comfort myself that Chris took us out to eat at Shogun.

    I like to take the kids to pumpkin patches/farms, local festivals, and the fall festival at church.

    I am SO excited about the kids' costumes this year!

    1. I didn't even THINK to tell you cause I think it was Wednesday I remembered they had one last year so I checked the website...then I was like oh, that's TOMORROW. Next year I'll find out a little sooner when it is (it will help that Kayla will be a student there so info will be sent home) & we'll go as a group =D

      Kids' costumes??? Please share!


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