Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pink Out & Germanfest

I've decided since we had 2 big events in a row to go ahead & blog them instead of putting it ALL in a Weekend Wrap-Up. I would have posted Pink Out by itself, but was TIRED last night so it just didn't happen.
Pink Out Friday
The Mayor of Fayette County declared Friday, October 26, 2012 as "Get Your Pink On" day in Fayette County saying "Fayette County is going PINK for Cancer Day". We were ALL encouraged to wear PINK in order to raise awareness.
These flyers were posted all over the county for encouragement:
My co-worker & I decided to wear jeans & black shirts with pink on them. 

This was the back of my shirt....the front said there is hope.
Since I wear scrubs to work everyday, the girls were a little concerned when I came out in jeans & a t-shirt. So they asked what was going on. When I told them, they were like, we've got pink on our jammies!

Getting their pink on!
For dinner we went to Braden Station & it was YUMMY!

Jamie got her pink on!

Kayla got her pink on too!
Germanfest in Oakland
As I've mentioned before, I LOVE going to local events! I stumbled upon information for Oakland's Germanfest at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.
This was our schedule of events

The girls & I loaded up & headed out!

We were REALLY excited for our friends Dawn, Lorelei......

....& Boaz to meet us there!

The girls had fun walking around (well, I MOSTLY carried Jamie) checking out all the tables.

They REALLY loved this puppy. Slade was a VERY good natured dog who didn't mind all the little hands in his face, squeals, & provided some licks too.
Since the girls did so good with no grumbling while we walked around, Dawn & I were EXCITED to let them get involved in the kids' activities! The game they played looked fun....they had to get a blindfold on & had to pat a wooden spoon on the ground until the came upon the pot. Under the pot, they had a prize.

Kayla went first & didn't have too much trouble....she her secrete to finding it was that she "heard" where they put the pot.

Lorelei was next....despite as much as they tried, I think she could see under her blindfold as she went STRAIGHT to the pot. She was EXCITED for her prize! 

Jamie's turn was next....she had a little more trouble; but I stood behind it & told her to come to my voice. She would lift her blindfold up & make sure she was headed in the right direction.
It was time for lunch after all that walking (or walking while carrying for us Moms) & game playing. The girls each had a hot dog & some kettle popcorn.

Dawn & I had the Dinner Plate of German Food, which included a bratwurst on bead of sauerkraut inside a bread roll, spaetzle (the white stuff), & German slaw (the purple stuff).

These girls REALLY get along well & I feel so blessed that my girls have Lorelei in their lives! I am BEYOND blessed to have Dawn in mine!

Boaz tried the spaetzle....he just left it sitting there for a little bit. It didn't really have much flavor. HOWEVER, the German slaw had flavor & he liked that a lot!

And what's a German Dinner without a little Black Forest was YUMMY! And yes, Dawn & I shared out pieces with the kids! Dawn mentioned to Lorelei that she had signed up to get the recipe & Kayla had to ensure I had signed up for it too [and yes, I had].
After lunch, it was time for some facepainting.....

Kayla LOVES getting her face painted!

Today's choice was a butterfly

Then it was Lorelei's turn. 


Lorelei's butterfly was beautiful too!
Of course Jamie had to have her turn too....

....but Miss Independent had to be different...she wanted a Ladybug.

After a little German cookie snack, the girls did a little dancing & marching around the the German music.
I would say we have had a fun couple of days! Have you ever been to a Germanfest? What was it like?

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