Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apple Toffee Dip

WOW! This is the THIRD blog I've posted about me making something in a week....but when I get in the mood to make stuff, I'm REALLY in the mood!
I got this recipe from a friend's friend. We were both at the friend's Fall Party & I FELL IN LOVE with this stuff. I could LITERALLY (& do sometimes) just eat it with a spoon. And I've gotten to where I ONLY make it in a double batch, so that's how I'll post the recipe.
2 (8 oz) packages Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup packed Brown Sugar (light or dark)
1/2 cup Granulated Sugar
2 teaspoons Vanilla
2 packages Heath Toffee Bits
[FYI: I have tried the chocolate toffee bits cause that's all our local Kroger has, but I didn't like it as much....guess cause I'm used to the way it tastes as is]
Combine cream cheese & sugars in a bowl.
Mix with a spoon or at medium speed until smooth.
Mix in vanilla.
Stir in toffee bits.
Serve with sliced apples.

Not the prettiest thing, but OH MY GOODNESS it's YUMMY! I take it to MANY functions.

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