Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow....Long & Fun Weekend Spills Over

Wow....I can't believe I haven't updated about our weekend yet!
 I was off on Friday, so technically my weekend started Thursday evening. My Mom (aka: Nonnie) had come over from Arkansas cause we were taking the girls to a fun event (more on that to come).
I had some running around in Memphis to do, so we went & got that done. We made a trip to Hobby Lobby to make a wreath for my grandfather's grave (more on that to come). Then we hit up Target for some pants & long-sleeve shirts for Kayla (I also splurged & bought PS...I Love You cause I'm obsessed with this movie). And our final store stop was Toys R Us for gifts for birthday presents, shoes, & crowns for a birthday party (more on that to come). We hit up Arby's for dinner (cause I'm addicted to Arby's).
Since I was off on Friday morning, we got to attend a House Party at my friends house. BONUS: this is the SAME house that Kayla & Jamie's friend Lorelei lives at!!!! The girls LOVE her!
Dawn & I often get tickled though cause Lorelei & Jamie are SO MUCH alike! This makes for a GREAT friendship, but also a few heated moments when each girl has her mind set on something. But the relationship these 3 girls have AMAZES me & I cherish the moments I get to see them together. While the girls played with some other friends, the grown ups got to product test some YUMMY bread! This bread mix is sold in the stores (Kroger & Oakland in Walmart) & cost less $3.00 a box (BONUS: for coming to Dawn's party, we got a $0.75 coupon). It is Fleischmann's Simply Homemade Bread Mix. It comes in 4 different flavors & their website provides TONS of recipes for add-ins to make them into appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, & desserts. Dawn premade 2 with mix-ins of pepperoni & cheese in one & chocolate in another (plus icing on top). While we were there she made another one without add-ins to show us how EASY it was to get homemade bread in UNDER an hour.
We went home for some nap/rest time & then got up for the fun event: Disney Live! I've already posted ALL the pictures I took on Facebook, so I won't bore you with them again. But here are a few:
Our Souvenir Photo

Yes, I AM a sucker for those sweet faces & they EACH got a new toy. Jamie picked Minnie Mouse (which she asked EVERY TIME she was not on the stage: Where is Minnie the Mouse--just like Pete on Mickey Mouse Club House says it). Kayla got Lotso the Bear (he's in Toy Story 3 & REALLY smells like strawberries as mentioned in the movie).

The girls had a BLAST dancing!

It was a GREAT show with characters from some of our FAVORITE Disney movies.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to share this experience with my Mom & the girls. Since she lives in Arkansas, she doesn't always get to enjoy things the girls do.
When we got up on Saturday, I worked on my organizing project some more. Momma & the girls put together a heart-shaped wreath to put on my grandfather's grave (Mom's Dad) in honor of his birthday on Sunday (Mom said that Granny --Poppaw's wife-- LOVED the wreath).
Then Nonnie had time for a couple of games before she had to head back. 
Jamie is REALLY starting to get into being the Hat Master with the Cat in the Hat game.

Of course Kayla LOVES being the Hat Master too! Nonnie had to head home before lunch....this made the girls & I sad, but we TOTALLY understand.
The guys were getting home just in time to go to Tom Karcher Wolf River Chapter of the Delta Water Fowl Banquet.
So I got all dolled up & we went for some time among adults.
The Somerville Eye Care Clinic was proud to be a sponsor again this year!
Sunday, the girls had the honor & privilege of attending a Princess Pampering Birthday Party for their friend:
The invitations was TOO cute!!!!
The girls went from this (crowns & shoes gotten during our outing on Thursday).... this!
All the Princesses got pampered in the areas of hair, fingernails, toenails, & lips.....they also got tattoos; which the Princes participated in too!
Our fun spilled over into Monday & we got to go to Bass Pro for a little shopping & Arby's. We got a couple of Christmas gifts & I GOT A NEW GUN!!!!!!!! It's a Savage 308 (yes, I REALLY like to hunt!).
I have to get a youth model cause I am so short in the arms short. It just fits me better & I'm more comfortable shooting it.
So how has your life been since Thursday???

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