Thursday, November 8, 2012


In case you didn't know, I have 2 sweet little girls; and they are GROWING!
Please don't judge me for any outfit choices...sometimes you pick your battles & in the morning before preschool I avoid as many as possible.
Now y'all are probably thinking: Tasha, this is not a newsflash. You talk about them non-stop & kids DO grow. But it has REALLY hit me in the last 2 days that they are growing! You see, I am with them every day & see them every day; so sometimes it is hard for me to see this growth.
Jamie is getting taller & can reach the counter to put her own dishes on it after each of our meals & snacks. She's also getting that "no" & "I do it myself" stage. Jamie can now open doors by herself....not just the ones that have levers, but doorknobs now too. She can also take care of ALL of her own potty needs (remember the "I do it myself" stage I just mentioned). Sorry to mention it, but we have been in that season of life. PLUS, this is a MAJOR difference from sweet Kayla (who is just now getting over the loud noise issues she had with the flushing).
But Kayla is growing too. I mean, check out those pants she has on in the picture above....they ARE TOO SHORT! We JUST got into 5T not but a few months ago & it is looking like we are going to have to exit the "T" world of clothing for her comfy pants...which means soon we will leave for other clothes too. We can also see this added height in other ways: she can reach the light switches in the house & can also reach the paper towel roll (which is mounted under one of the high cabinets). I know I've also blogged about Kayla's growth (loud noises, playing with kids her age, etc.).
Well, Kayla is ALSO wanting to know more about what we as adults are interested in.....& we kind of had a PRETTY major even this week. Her Daddy was REALLY into the election (uhm, just in case you aren't a friend of his on Facebook to see his statuses, I thought I would inform you). So he started teaching her about voting & how elections work. Of course Kayla got ALL into it & was cheering on a certain candidate. And (just in case you aren't friends with him on FB), her Dad's choice for president did not get elected. Well, he's out-of-town, so I had to handle this one on my own. Y'all, I was NERVOUS! I prayed & even had a friend praying for me to say the right things.
Well, here's how it went....I told her Obama was still president. I reminded her that God is in control no matter who would have won. And that we ALWAYS need to be praying for our nation, NOT just when who we wanted doesn't win. I told her she should pray that God's Will be done & to pray that President Obama turns to God for help. And that if ANYONE said anything bad about him OR if she had any negative thoughts, instead of expressing them out loud to people, she should pray.
I asked her if she understood, & this is what I got:
God, please get President Obama to ask for Your help. Amen!
I think she is growing in more ways than I think.....
So, what do you think?

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