Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pouncing & Roaring

Today's Unglued Blog Update
"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." ~1 Peter 5:18

Do you know how tough that is? To be self-controlled, when our nature is just to come unglued? But boy, the devil sure loves to just stay in waiting like a lion ready to pounce when our raw emotions creep in.
The devil teams up with those raw emotions, ready to pounce so we will explode our emotions onto someone, which many times will knock down all of our integrity. And this never happens at a convenient time. It's always when we are places like at the grocery store, & our kids act like they've NEVER had an ounce of discipline in their life. Does anyone understand what I'm saying, or am I the only one who gets it?
What makes raw emotions so complicated is they come out of nowhere & run us slap-over (which is why it's so important to prepare in advance for what will surely happen anytime we have our eyes open: next trip to the store, or attending the unpredictable family reunion, or driving unruly kids in the care pool, or dealing with difficult people at the office, or when this month's credit card bill is twice as much as you thought it would be--& there are no fraudulent charges). Raw emotions are sure to come out during these situations; & when they do, they won't sit quietly awaiting further instructions. They'll move -- outward if we explode & inward if we stuff.
Lysa's going to give us ways to prepare in advance for when our raw emotions come slapping us in the face no matter if we are an exploder who later shames themself for not acting more patient in the moment, an exploder who blames others, a stuffer who builds barriers, or a stuffer who collects retaliation rocks. As I've mentioned before, depending on the situation & the person my raw emotions are handling, I can be any one of these. But that's not where I chose to stay!
First up: the exploder who shames herself....stay tuned for my next Unglued Blog Update

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