Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fellowship, Family, Food, and Friends

I was really excited for this day!!!!!!
We all got dolled up & went to church to fellowship with God's people.

Greg & Poppie joined us at church. After service was over, we all headed for lunch at

I have been craving wings since before all the flu junk!!!! We went to Hooters the last time we were actually able to go out for wings, so it was time to hit up BWW {we love both places!}.
One of my best friends, Jessica, met us for lunch & brought her boyfriend. His name is was the meet him for the first time & get the besties' approval. I really like him & he makes Jessica SO HAPPY! He also even took time to say hey to each of the girls....that's big to me cause my girls are important to me! He TOTALLY got the Bestie Seal of Approval & I can't wait for us all to hang out some more!

I love my fun times with Jessica!
Jessica & I had originally planned to go to the Winter Jam 2013 concert {10 Christian artist/bands preforming for only $10}. But since we haven't spent time together in like forever AND a day, we decided to do something where we could actually visit and hear each other. Plus the insomnia has been attacking me lately so an event that ended at 7 instead of staring at 6 & who knows how long it would have lasted (with 10 bands preforming) sounded better to my getting-older-and-needed-sleep self.

So we went to do this instead
Now, I am not an artistic or creative person (can't even draw a decent stick person), but this was super easy cause it's a step-by-step process. They literally walk you through almost every brush stroke.

There was a little time between lunch & when our class started, so guess what?!?!?! I got to go here

all ALONE for about 30 minutes. There was nothing on my list, at all. It was just a leisurely walk around the place. Now, for all of you who have children (especially in the preschool age & younger...& those of you who have older, you remember these days), getting to go to the store, any store without children in tow is a luxury. Since we have a Walmart in our county, I just go there when we need stuff. So I was extremely excited to get to visit this store!!! I did pick up Kayla a couple of pairs of PJs (she only has about 3 pair in this size....if you count her Christmas ones we are still getting good use out of).
I also got 
and completed my Twilight collection:

What's a trip to Target without a little treat from Starbucks?!?!?!

Another luxury since we don't have one in our county.
And then it was off to 
This was our goal (which of course we could personalize by changing the colors & one of the other ladies even did zebra stripes instead of giraffe prints): 

My station

My Jessica!

Background is all painted

Now, if you look really close, you can see the giraffe blobs drawn on...y'all, remember, I can't draw a decent stick man, right? Well, this part stressed me a little cause I had to free-hand draw them. I got over myself & did it though.

Jessica painting away
My giraffe spots all painted

Man, I was concentrating on getting paint on my brush, wasn't I? LOL!!!

Since we could personalize it with different colors, I decided to put some purple on there.

All my cross outlining done.

My platter boarder is all finished

Then the dots & lines got added into the cross outline

And then I got to add some purple swirls with a cool little wire tool. The very talented people that work at Paint a Piece will add "Bless this Home" for me like the one up top (thank heavens!).

And class was all done. We had SO MUCH fun & want to do something like this again!!!!
After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I got home just in time to kiss these two cuties goodnight:
 This day did not was AWESOME!!!!


  1. love so much about this!

    1. Paint a Piece is so much fun!
    2. BWW..YUM!
    3. Totally have been craving Starbucks fraps. I'm going to Memphis Thursday for a doctor's appt and I'm definitely getting one!
    4. Target is my favorite!
    5. LOVE the pioneer woman.
    6. But the BEST part was y'all at church yesterday! It made my day to have Kayla in Children's Church! :)

    1. Yaye....GLAD you love so much!!!! It was WONDERFUL being in church & having us all there!!!! We plan on being there more than not (although we will be out already next Sunday). It makes my heart smile to have you say that having Kayla in Children's Church made your day!!!!

  2. It is so easy to walk into Target and walk out with a much lighter pocket book. That place just sucks me right in! No trip to Target is complete without a little Starbucks treat.
    Paint a Piece looks like it was a BLAST! I need to get my girlies together to do something like that.

    1. Yea....I'm a sucker for Target & Starbucks. Like I said, there is a Walmart 15 minutes down the road, but the closest Target OR Starbucks is 35-45 minutes.....that's why they're such a luxury!

      Paint a Piece was TOTALLY a blast!!!!!! We went to a Dish, Dine, & bring your own stuff to eat/snack on & your own drink & they teach you step by step about how to do the piece. You can also just go in & free-hand paint, but that's beyond my level ;-)

  3. Y'alls crosses are awesome!!!

    ...and..I am craving a Target trip lol.

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

    1. Thanks! I had to add a little personal touch by doing some purple ;-)

      Yea....I'm SOOOO wanting more Target in my life!!!!


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