Sunday, March 24, 2013

Girls Night In Take 2

If you read this post right HERE, you know that the girls & I attempted to have a Girls Night In on Thursday night, but it didn't workout according to plan but God taught me so much!
Well, we did Take 2 on Friday night as Daddy was still down at the Lake House at Sardis.
We did a quick dinner
Pizza Rolls with

And then we made dessert:

Pineapple Angel Food Cake (easiest thing to make, ever!).
I gave Kayla a shower & Jamie a bath; & then I painted lil toes:

Kayla picked green & Jamie picked light pink
I don't usually change out of my scrubs till I'm ready to go bed bed, since they're super comfy. But this night officially turned into a PJ Party!

And we watched the 2006 Charlotte's Web.....I love Dakota Fanning & this movie had a great cast!

Our dessert was ready & I added a little Redi-Whip
And of course you can't break out the Redi-Whip without doing a little of this: 

Time to enjoy our desserts!

They were all into the movie!

I thoroughly enjoyed this Girls Night Out Take 2!!!!!!

And after I got the big girls to bed, it was time to relax with my fur~babies!


Have a Sunshiny Day,
~Tasha Sunshine
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  1. What a fun and relaxing weekend.
    The whipped cream pics are too funny. I remember swiping tastes of that stuff when I thought no one was looking. :)


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