Monday, March 11, 2013

My Weekend Shenanigans there's a lot of pictures, but at least I've got most of them in collages.

Friday: Girls Night Out AND In
Top 2 Pics: Girls Night Out Part = I was supposed to cook (Kayla's choice of Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, & Corn), but I just was not feeling it. Daddy/Hubby was heading to fish with his dad down at our Lake House at Sardis (in Mississippi). Since I wasn't into the menu choice, he suggested I take the girls out. We enjoyed dinner at Olympic Steak & Pizza.
Next: For the FIRST time in my ENTIRE life, I went into Walmart & bought the one & only thing on my list: Wreck-It Ralph
Next: Girls Night In Part = We watched our Walmart purchase, Wreck-It Ralph. It was cute & the girls got to stay up till 9 so they could see the whole thing. They were glued to it.
Saturday: Princesses, Pampering, & Grizzlies
Pampered Princesses before the Live Bunny Mini Spring Photo Session
My Princesses had a relaxing morning of Pampering (aka: Mommy did everything to get them ready, all they had to do was sit there) before we had our pictures made with some Live Bunnies

Live Bunny Mini Spring Photo Session
Ms. Jennifer of Jennifer Tilghman Photography & twigs-n-things was sweet enough to offer Live Bunny Mini Spring Photo Sessions. These were the pictures that I snapped. I cannot wait till see her beautiful work. If you live around here & you're looking for a compassionate photographer & you can see Jesus in her eyes AND in everything she does, Ms. Jennifer is the one to use!

Headed to the NBA Memphis Grizzlies Game
Big Pic: Kayla & Jamie were all ready to go. Now, yes, I know my sweet Jamie is crying in this picture. But my little sweetie got about a 45 minute nap when she usually gets 1.5 - 2 hours. She was just "too tired" as she told me. I took the picture & am posting it so when we look back, we have that memory.
Pics From Top Right, Going Down, & Around:
***Those 3 pics: who everyone in our family sat with
***Do you see that excited little girl there in the corner? Yes, the same one who was bawling her eyes out before we left the house. She told me "I'm sooooo excited" about one THOUSAND times the first 15 minutes from Carrier Corporation to FedEx Forum. This was her 1st game & I think I captured her excitement in this picture.
***Kayla has been going to Grizz games since she was Jamie's age...she was really excited too!
***Jamie has ridden a bus before, but the ride was about 2 minutes long from one field to another. This ride was much longer.
***And since Jamie's nap was cut short, she did some relaxing on/cuddling with Mommy.

Some Pre-Game Activites
Big Pic: Our tickets....MVP Access just meant we could go down on the floor, use the bathrooms closer to our seats that were on the floor level, & use the elevator to go back upstairs where we would meet the buses to head home.
Pics From Top Right, Going Down, & Around:
***The girls were really excited that Poppie invited us all to go along with the Carrier Group to the NBA Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Hornets
***Next 2 Pics: We got to the game in time to get the promo for the night....the Grizz Bobble Head
***Me & the Hubs
***Next 2 Pics: For dinner, everyone had hot dogs except me, I went with the BBQ Nachos {hey Ghost River Smoke-A-Holics Competitions BBQ Team: I NEED a BBQ fix with some of our good stuff, STAT!}
***Kayla got to see one of her friends at the game! What are the odds?!?!?! She was REALLY excited to see Neal
***I thought Kayla's hair looked pretty....even if I do say so myself {flashback: Mommy pampered her this morning for pics, just different style for the game}
***Pre-Game Warm-Ups

More Pre-Game Activities
***Jamie was my Dancing Queen
***Kayla was holding Daddy's hand anticipating the fire (more on the fire in a bit)
***Daddy with his girls
***Poppie & Gree
***Mommy with her girls
***The girls doing the cheers Kayla learned (& by default Jamie learned too) during cheer season
***Next 3 Pictures: the National Anthem started....Kayla & Jamie blew me away with their respect
***Next 3 Pictures: Pre-Game Announcements
***Fire: when the Memphis Grizzlies are getting announced, the fire is shot out. This is the 1st year Kayla didn't scream, cry, & have to be held during the fire. Jamie held on to me, but didn't cry
***Get on your feet & let the games begin

1st Half of the Game
***Since I was the mascot of my High School {White Hall Bulldog}, I'm a little obsessed with The Grizz (or any mascot really), so I take a few lots of pics of him
***Kayla was all into the game
***Jamie was having a sleepy/need some cuddles moment
***Next 2 Pics: we LOVE our Grizz Bobble Heads
***The Grizz & "the pretty girls" (aka: Grizz Girls) according to Jamie
***A little cotton candy snack
***Grizz Slap Bracelets
***Did you know that Grizz Slap Bracelets make great belts too?

2nd Half & Post Game
 ***Those 2 Pics: At Half-Time, the teams switched goals & we were now right behind the Hornets' basket, so we got Bam Bams to bang together to destract them from making baskets. The girls LOVE these things. Jamie would put them in front of her face, acting like they were a door. When you said knock knock, she would open her "door" & just giggle (beautiful sound)
***Kayla got a little relaxing time on Poppie
***The Grizzlies Grannies & Grandpas provided a little entertainment between quarters
***Loving time with my big girl!
***It's Super Grizz!
***Jamie got a little relaxing time on Gree
***Did you know that Grizz Slap Bracelets make good ankle bracelets?
***Oh, be still my heart! Jamie loves to cuddle but unless she's sick, hasn't fallen asleep on me since she was a baby. I thoroughly enjoyed this precious moment!!!!
Sunday: Meet Up, Errands, & Painted

I absolutely LOVE this cup! Use it often during my Quiet Time.
All their bags are packed.....they're ready to go......they're standing here outside my door
Anyone else still singing????
***Top 2 Pics: The girls are on Spring Break this week, so we loaded up & headed out to meet my parents at Dairy Queen in Brinkley, AR. The girls will enjoy their Spring Break in Hot Springs, AR at their Nonnie & Pappaw's house. The girls LOVE their time with Nonnie & Pappaw. Jamie was so excited when she saw them, she talked to them almost non-stop & exclusively. I had to remind her to kiss & hug me bye.
***Next 2 pics: After saying our good-byes, the hubs & I headed back to TN & ran some errands. Excuse my natural look, but it was a rainy day of being in & out of the car.
***We made a quick stop to pick up to-go Loaded Potato Soup
Do you remember from Last Weekend's Shenanigans that I did a Paint A Piece with one of my BFFs????

Different Stages of my Bless This Home Paint A Piece
 Well, I got to pick up our pieces! There's the sample, how I started, what it looked like when I left it, & the finished product. Those folks are GOOD! They can make even me look like an artist!
So tell me, how was your weekend????

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    1. It was a GREAT weekend!!!! I just wish it would have allowed us to be at Church. This coming weekend we'll be getting the girls Sunday morning so we won't be back in time :-(

  2. You have the most fun on the weekends!
    Those pictures with the bunnies are great! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos when you get them.

    1. THANKS!!!! I just try to make the weekends fun, EVEN IF we are staying home. The weekend is when we get a chance to focus on doing things as a family without being worn out from work.


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